Mixpanel Widget. Events, Funnels & Tests

Posted by Paul Joyce

Mar 10, 2011 11:55:00 AM

Today I want to highlight an incredibly useful widget that I'm sure many of you can get creative and see the benefits of. Mixpanel is great for anyone with a web application, Facebook application or iPhone/Android application. In their own words:

"Mixpanel is a real-time analytics service that helps companies understand how users interact with web applications."

What's important here is that it allows you to track user behaviour and what they're interacting with, not just pageviews. It increases the resolution of what you can track and it's easy to get started too. Did I mention it reports the results in real-time? Oh, and now you can see this data on your Geckoboard. Here's what you can do.


Events are the core of the Mixpanel service. Every time you want to capture a user interaction you create an event e.g. navigating your site, playing a video, downloading a PDF etc.. Each event can have multiple properties associated with it; if the event is "play music" you could have properties like genre, artist, year of release. Mixpanel allows you to segment your data based on these properties... very powerful!

The Geckoboard Mixpanel widget allows you to keep an eye on your Mixpanel events and display event numbers for today, the past 7 days or the past 30 days. You can filter by property if you wish, so you could track the number of times a music track was played with a genre of "rawk". Below the headline data is a secondary stat that displays either the % change since the previous period or a sparkline of event data over that period.



If you have a series of events that you want to pull together into a logical sequence of steps then you can create a funnel in Mixpanel. An example of a simple funnel would be a 3 step user signup process, each step would be a separate event in Mixpanel which, when combined in sequence, creates a funnel.

  1. User arrives on your splash page

  2. User navigates to sign-up page

  3. User completes sign-up


In any funnel you would expect the most activity in the first step of a funnel and the least activity in the last step. The Geckoboard Mixpanel widget allows you to consume funnel data from Mixpanel and display it on one of two widget sizes: 2x1 for up to 3 widget steps, or 2x2 for up to 8 widget steps. Check out our step-by-step guide to adding Mixpanel funnels to your Geckoboard.

Psst. we like the Mixpanel funnel widget so much that we're adding it to our custom widget API. Get ready for more details very soon.


Want to test the impact of a property value on an event? Tests allow you to set up and visualise this on your status board. For example, if you want to see how many signups come from people with a certain coupon:

  1. Pick an event you want to test. E.g. Signups 

  2. Now pick a property to segment it by, e.g has_coupon, and a property value promocoupon123.

  3. Finally, choose a time period

You'll end up with a widget that shows you how many signups have come through with this coupon code vs. those that didn't for this period.

We hope you find this a useful addition to your Geckoboard, as always we’d love to hear what you think and what improvements or changes you would like to see.


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