When it comes to being data-driven, there are many questions that need to be answered. However, there are two questions that come before all others. These two questions are your anchors that will keep you from drifting off in the wrong direction.

Below are the two magic questions that matter more than anything else. Treasure them with your company’s life.

1. What are we trying to achieve?

2. How do we know if we’ve done this?

1. Get rid of the fluff. There’s no room for being vague here: you need to set realistic goals that are measurable and tangible in order to answer this question.

For example:

We’re going to increase our annual sales by 8 percent at the end of this fiscal year.’

2. Know where you started. This answer is directly correlated with previous question. If you don’t know where you started and what you set your goals as, you will have no idea if and when you’ve achieved them.

For example:

‘We ended last fiscal year with £x in sales, in order to increase that by 8 percent we need to hit £x at the end of this fiscal year.’

And there you have it. The holy grails of data-driven questions you need to ask yourself before you do anything else. Now tell us, what are you trying to achieve?

Magic Wand designed by John from the Noun Project