Line, bar and column charts are some of the most popular charts used when building a great dashboard, so it’s really important for us to be able to offer great versions of these visualisations.

We’ve redesigned our charts from the ground up to make sure that they have the flexibility needed to build a useful visualisation for your business data, whilst maintaining consistency with the Geckoboard look and feel that our customers love.


High-contrast colours and generous white space for easy readability

Designing these visualisations from scratch gave us the opportunity to start with a blank slate when thinking about their layout. These are the first to make use of the full width of the widget, giving your data as much space as possible while still allowing adequate white space for easy readability. Subtle gridlines and thin high-contrast chart lines also give your data a clear, professional appearance. We’ve also applied the new colour rules that we introduced late last year.

The new Line, Bar and Column charts all support setting goals. As with the number and Geck-o-Meter widgets, we’ve made sure that the goal state is easy to spot at a quick glance.


Visualise multiple data series and compare performances over time

I’m thrilled to say that our new native line chart supports displaying multiple data series. This was something that a lot of customers asked for, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it. We’ve chosen a palette of contrasting hues and added a legend to make it easy to identify each series.


The new line chart also has the ability to style a series as ‘secondary’. This is really handy for showing a comparison to a prior period, as we do with the revenue widget on our own dashboard. Additionally, you can define a point in a series after which the data is incomplete, which is helpful when your line chart shows data that includes the current day, week, month etc.


Got any feedback?

These new charts are a big step forward for data visualisation in Geckoboard, and we hope that you’ll find them really useful when setting up your next dashboard. They’re all available to use as Custom Widgets right now, and we’ll be rolling them out to our integrations in the coming weeks. I’d love to hear any feedback that you have on them - drop me a line on


Product Manager at Geckoboard