We’re always working hard to make Geckoboard the best dashboard creation tool possible. Recently, our engineers have been making improvements to how we validate widget data, which has involved making the validation stricter. The benefit of this is that stricter validation means less errors for both our users and ourselves as stray data won’t be creeping into any widgets, causing unpredictable behaviour. We started rolling out this improvement last week, and we’ll continue to do so in the coming days.

Changing something that touches every widget in Geckoboard isn’t without potential ramifications. While we’ve taken every precaution against it, it’s possible that some widgets will now fail the validation and begin displaying an error. If this happens to you, please get in touch with our support team and we’ll get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. Additionally, if you’re using Custom Widgets, you can take a look at our Developer Documentation to verify that all your payloads are in the correct format.

If you're one of the few to be adversely affected by the change, thank you in advance for your understanding as we continue to improve Geckoboard.


Product Manager at Geckoboard

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