The Super Bowl is more than just a game. As one of the most watched events in the world, it showcases intense athleticism, brilliant - though occasionally thwarted - strategy, unpredictable entertainment, hyped advertising, and more food than you can imagine. It’s an American tradition we celebrate with friends every year.

If you’re not yelling at the refs, coaching the quarterback, or cheering for your team, you’re probably critiquing the commercials and speculating which vehicle is starring in its unrelated ad. We all participate in one way or another. And this year, we’re excited to bring you a whole new level of engagement with a live dashboard: Super Bowl Top 10 Advertisers.

Super Bowl Top 10 Advertisers

Ever wonder what impact a 30-second ad has? Or who’s getting the best bang for their buck? We’ve compiled a myriad of statistics and social trends to rank the top ten advertisers based on their estimated (using publicly available data) TV media spend.

Did you know that brands are spending approximately $167k per second of screen time during Super Bowl 50? That’s $5 million for a 30-second commercial. Crazy, right?

Discover which advertiser gets the most value from their commercial with our Top 10 Advertisers Dashboard. You can compare the estimated total TV media investment for the top spending brands and monitor social mentions for each. Even more exciting is the live social sentiment calculated using all the positive and negative Twitter mentions (ranges from 100% for completely positive to -100% for completely negative).


Before we give you the run-down on the dashboard, it’s worth giving a quick shout out to Mention. All the social mention and social sentiment data you see is being pulled from their media monitoring tool. So thanks to them for giving us a hand getting this up and running!

What’s on the Top 10 Advertisers Dashboard?

This dashboard is informative, fun, and easy to read at a glance. Below are the exact statistics you’ll find.

  • Estimated $ spend on Super Bowl TV ad (estimated based on publicly available data)
  • Number of mentions for each of the top 10 advertisers compared
  • Social Sentiment for Hyundai (%)
  • Social Sentiment for Budweiser (%)
  • Social Sentiment for Toyota (%)
  • Social Sentiment for Pepsi (%)
  • Social Sentiment for Audi (%)
  • Social Sentiment for Bud Light (%)
  • Social Sentiment for Honda (%)
  • Social Sentiment for Kia (%)
  • Social Sentiment for LG (%)
  • Social Sentiment for Paypal (%)
  • Live Twitter feed for Super Bowl Ads

Getting Game Day Ready

Setting up your Super Bowl Top 10 Advertisers dashboard is a snap.

1. Choose your display. A TV monitor mounted on the wall works best, but you can also use a desktop monitor. Whichever you choose, just make sure you can open a web browser (Chrome is preferred).

2. Click this link to select the dashboard to open (in a web browser) on the device you’ve chosen.

3. Begin monitoring live updates of all the statistics, predictions, and tweets.

Are you ready to take your Super Bowl party to the next level? Bookmark this page so you can easily pull up the dashboard on Super Bowl Sunday!

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Start monitoring advertiser performance now with a live dashboard.