Real-time analytics for your website

GoSquared helps you understand your site traffic in real-time, empowering you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. With this live data displayed in their simple dashboard, you have the ability to easily track how many visitors are currently on your site, where they're coming from, what they're engaging with, and a number of other important measures. Their API provides you with even greater flexibility to access and manipulate the data to fit the needs of your business.

Using GoSquared on Geckoboard

We love GoSquared here at Geckoboard and so we have recently updated and improved our integration with the service. Our integration allows you to see the following info from GoSquared, in context amongst your other widgets on your Geckoboard:

  • Vistor gauge – The live visitor gauge is a number that represents how many visitors are on your site currently. This is a useful metric to identify traffic spikes, and gauge content popularity following a new blog post.

  • Visitor map – The live visitor map illustrates where your visitors are coming from. The maps are available in a few formats: global view, North America, Europe, and the UK/Ireland. Folks use these to show what's popular where, among other use cases.

Going deeper, with real-time visitor analytics

However, there's a whole host of other features available within GoSquared. For example, they now allow you to show real-time visitor analytics. This means you can understand the individual movements of visitors, where they're coming from, and chat live with them - helping you turn more visitors into customers. We've recently added a selection of this data to our Geckoboard integration, including:

  • Visitor Timeline – Compare concurrent visitor numbers to the last 24 hours or the same time last week

  • Current Referrers – Display a list of the top current referrers

  • Current Pages – Display a list of the current top visited pages

  • Current Searches – Display a list of the current top searches

  • Top Searches – Display a list of top keywords or queries from the last day to year

  • Top Sources – Display a list of top sources, referrers or locations from the last day to year

  • Top Content – Display a list of top landing pages or viewed content from the last day to year

  • Top Technology – Display a list of top screen-sizes, browsers and platforms from the last day to year

  • Average Viewing Depth – Display the current average viewing depth

  • Average Time on Site – Display the current average number of seconds on site

  • Time on Site Funnel – Display a funnel of current visitors’ time spent on your site

  • Visit Depth Funnel – Display a funnel of current visitor depth

GoSquared plans include free and paid plans. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for GoSquared if you're not already a user, then add the Geckoboard GoSquared widgets and start analysing your site traffic now, not tomorrow.