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Photo of Paul Dorney, CTO and Co-Founder at Silbo
Paul Dorney

CTO and Co-Founder

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What’s this dashboard for?

This dashboard gives us an overview of how usage of our platform Silbo, which matches sports officials with game providers, has been growing over time.

Working at a startup, it’s really important to share information with the whole team. Every three months there’s growth that could take a year and a half in a normal company, so it’s great for everyone’s morale, especially new team-members, to see we’ve gone up 5x or 100x against the year before for certain metrics, and that we’re trending in the right direction.

To track activity over time, there are a few metrics that we need to monitor closely. We feature these on our dashboard by connecting it to our database.

  • Assignments Over Time. This is the main indicator we use to represent sales and fulfillment on our platform. Having this metric on a dashboard is the perfect way to show the team how we’re growing month over month and year over year.
  • Downloads Over Time. We’ve included this for the same reason as Assignments Over Time: to visualize our progress. This is an important company metric for us, so we want to make sure it’s communicated clearly.
  • Active Referees Per Month This is basically how we track unique Active Users on our platform. There’s a correlation between this metric and Assignments Over Time so displaying them in the same place lets us see the interplay, and gives us a clearer picture of how we’re growing.

As our company grew, we realized that communication needed to improve. Initially there were four of us in a tiny office and everyone knew everything that was going on. But with 18 people and counting, we needed a way for the whole team to see the core metrics we care about as a business. That’s why we introduced dashboards, to help us all march to the same beat and have a clear understanding of where we’re going.

  • Clearly communicates core product usage metrics
  • Visualizes progress over time to keep morale high
  • Shortens meetings by getting everyone up to speed beforehand

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