AdWords marketing dashboard example

AdWords marketing dashboard example

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Who is a Google PPC dashboard for?

Online Advertising or Paid Search Manager.

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Why is a Google AdWords dashboard useful?

As a company grows, so do the tactics and channels to attract new users. One of the most common types of marketing campaigns are Google AdWords PPC campaigns, where marketers basically bid on keywords to rank higher on Google search pages.

This dashboard uses key online advertising metrics to keep you focused on increasing conversions from paid search while controlling media spend. Of course, AdWords campaigns are just a small part of the overall marketing strategy, so it is always useful to keep an eye on how all the marketing efforts are performing. This marketing dashboard should serve as inspiration for a broader view of campaigns.

How can a PPC dashboard help you achieve your business goals?

As an online advertising manager, it is critical to monitor the performance of your AdWords campaigns so you can compare results across campaigns and allocate and redistribute your media spend accordingly. This KPI dashboard is an easy way to keep track of these key metrics so you can react quickly to any sudden changes. For example:

Scenario 1: Has your cost per conversion increased and your average click-through rate (CTR) decreased?

Action 1: Consider revising your ad copy. Analyze your ads and landing pages and identify the best performers. Then, either mould your worst performers based on those or turn them off altogether if you budget is running low.

Action 2: Use the keyword planner tool to understand whether you could optimize your bids and identify opportunities you may have overlooked.

Striking the right balance between spend and conversions requires experimentation and understanding what works. It is not always related to investing more. For example:

Scenario 2: Has the volume of clicks increased, but conversions decreased whilst monthly budget is spending too quickly?

Action 1: Investigate which are your best performing campaigns and focus more spend on those campaigns to boost performance.

Action 2: Take a step back and rethink your approach keeping your target audience in mind. Then, design short experiments that target their specific needs. For example, if you sell womens running shoes, create ads that highlight the benefits of the shoes while helping women stay fashionable. The more useful and empathic your messages the better results are likely to be.

Action 3: Try to understand organic traffic to your website as well as search queries. Then use the paid vs organic report in AdWords to identify new opportunities without cannibalizing your organic efforts.

On a daily basis, you want to keep an eye on how campaigns are performing to catch and fix any anomalies before they turn into unfavourable trends. For example:

Scenario 3: Is your cost per conversion really high?

Action: Revise traffic and conversion rates for your landing pages. You may have recently implemented some changes or launched a new campaign that are negatively impacting conversion rates.

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