Social media monitoring dashboard example

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There are many different types of Marketing Performance Dashboards that will get your marketing team working towards the same goal. We suggest creating one master Marketing Analytics Dashboard tracking high-level metrics relevant to all team members, then separate dashboards for different focus areas: social media, content marketing, SEO, AdWords, etc.

The graphic above is an example of a Social Media Monitoring Dashboard for a hypothetical social media marketer tracking the performance of their social media efforts, focusing specifically on social media conversions.

What metrics are on the social media dashboard?

In addition to tracking website visits from social media, this marketer is interested in how their brand is performing compared to competitors. A social media KPI dashboard like the one above is also useful for someone interested in tracking keywords commonly used in their industry.

Tracking conversions (website sessions)

In the far left corner - where your most important metric should be placed - are website sessions via social this month (i.e. how many people have converted from social media).

This data is pulled using Geckoboard’s Google Analytics integration. The number offset in grey in the lower right corner of the widget shows the target goal sessions from social media this month (1,200). The percentage shows how close this marketer is to reaching this goal.

Monitoring brand mentions on social media

The widget to the right of sessions showcases the number of daily social media mentions for several brands, presumably comparing product lines or competitors. To compile this data, we use Mention’s API to export all brand mentions from social media into a Google Sheet. (Mention is a media monitoring tool for creating real-time alerts for your brand, industry, name, or competitors.) We then collect the data from Geckoboard’s Google Sheets integration to build the widget with daily social mentions. Rather than comparing brands, this could be set up to monitor daily social mentions for one brand name or key phrase.

Identifying which social channels are most effective

In the upper right corner, you’ll find the social channels driving the most traffic with the number of visits from each for the month - also pulled from our Google Analytics integration.

Below that, you’ll find a widget showing the reach of your last 10 posts from Buffer - a social media scheduling tool. Our Buffer dashboard integration allows you to see how many people saw your social media posts. The orange number and arrow below it represents the change month-over-month.

Tracking visits from a specific channel

On the lower level, in the left corner, you have current visits from Twitter (presumably this marketer’s primary focus channel) pulled from Google Analytics. To the right, is the number of Twitter followers with MoM change, powered by our Geckobard Twitter integration.

Keeping an eye on relevant conversations

The last widget, to the right of that, is the Mention integration powering a feed of brand or keyword mentions so you always have a pulse of what’s being said about your brand or industry across social. In this example, the social media marketer is tracking “Geckoboard” for support purposes and “KPI” for the opportunity to join relevant conversations.

With this dashboard, a social media marketer is now empowered to share progress with their team during team standups and company-wide show-and-tells!

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