More ways to get data on to your KPI dashboard

Sometimes there are certain metrics which you wish to view on your dashboard which aren’t readily available using our current range of pre-built integrations. This might be data from one of the services we already integrate with that’s not available through Geckoboard, data from your own internal systems, or data from a third party service we don’t yet have an integration for.

In these scenarios, all is not lost - Geckoboard has a few ways to help you get this sort of data onto your dashboard.


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Power your dashboard widgets using data from an Excel file or Google Sheet. Manually update numbers or build more advanced scripts to generate data in your spreadsheet automatically.

How it works: Using our Spreadsheets integration, you can connect to a Google Sheet or Excel file that’s hosted in Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive for Business. Preview your data and select the rows and columns you want to visualize on your dashboard. Any time you want to update Spreadsheet widgets on your dashboard, simply update the numbers in your source spreadsheet, save, and see your widgets update automatically in minutes.

A large number of third party add-ons and scripts make it possible to turn a simple spreadsheet into a highly effective data gathering tool. Accessing raw data from 3rd party APIs, calculating metrics using data from several different services, and even scraping content from another website are all possible using a spreadsheet.

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Use Geckoboard’s Datasets API to visualize data from your own systems or databases, or from services that Geckoboard doesn’t have a pre-built integration for on your dashboard.

How it works: Users who want to build more advanced dashboards can send data feeds directly to individual widgets on their dashboard. Datasets gives you full control over how your data is presented and can use any of the visualizations available on the Geckoboard platform.

Creating a Dataset requires a developer to create a simple script that collects data from its source, and then pushes the data directly to your dashboard as a JSON feed.

Follow the links below to learn more about how our API works, and to find example projects from other Geckoboard users in our Developer Community.

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