Social media data dashboards

There’s no question that social media data and analytics dashboards are becoming increasingly important to marketers, quickly democratising the decision making process by providing access to information. But what type of information is necessary and why? And what tools provide it best?

What are social media analytics?

Often referred to as social listening, social media analytics are a way to monitor the effectiveness of your own social outreach and the sentiment of unsolicited conversation about your brand. Social data dashboards can also track who the most influential people in your community are across all platforms, what messages are having the most impact, and how all of this is affecting your business.

Why are social media dashboards important?

While many people view social media as a free marketing tool that doesn’t require as much attention as paid marketing channels, quite the opposite is true. Nearly a quarter of all time online is spent on social networks, and over 70 percent of people make purchases based on a brand’s social media posts or a friend’s referral.

This monumental change in the way people purchase goods and services has spawned hundreds of companies, all with the goal of helping marketers wrangle the wealth of data around their consumers’ social activity. Social media dashboards make it possible to track this activity and use that information to drive decisions to the most advantageous for growth.

Which social media analytics tools are worth checking out?

For influencer identification: Klout is one of the best tools for brands to understand who is influential in a given space and how to engage with them for the benefit of your business. With 92 percent of people trusting their peers over any other form of advertising, getting this group of influencers to speak genuinely on behalf of your company can be a game changer in the social space, and Klout holds the key.

For social listening: SocialMention is a simple tool that tracks all mentions of a brand, product or hashtag across all social channels, as well as blogs, photos, comments and forums. It’s a free tool that allows companies to quickly and easily get a snapshot of what’s being said about their company, the sentiment of what’s being said, and the overall influence of the posts across the social web.

For analysis of company posts: Buffer does double-duty in the social space by allowing you to publish on multiple channels through their platform while also tracking the effectiveness of those posts, down to the day and time that’s most engaging. Buffer’s flawless scheduling tool lets pre-schedule weeks worth of posts to publish them when they’ll have the most impact, letting you focus on the results.

With dozens of tools available to track each individual piece of social media, it’s sometimes hard to get a comprehensive overview of what’s working and what’s not - which is where products like Geckoboard come into play. Geckoboard employs a slew of integrations so you can see all your key metrics in one place, on a single dashboard, in real time - allowing you and your entire team to keep an eye on what’s important and make data-driven informed decisions to drive company growth.

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