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Get a direct link to your Excel file hosted on SharePoint

Sharing an Excel file in SharePoint only generates a URL to a web preview of your file. To get a direct download link to your XLSX file use this tool to modify the URL.

  1. Open your Excel file, then select Share.
  2. In the the Send Link window, set access to Anyone with the link can edit.
  3. Click Copy Link to copy the URL to your clipboard.
  4. Paste the URL into the field below.

How does the tool work?

Share links generated in SharePoint access a 301 redirect URL which takes you to a web preview of your Excel file. This tool takes your SharePoint share link and follows the 301 redirects to generate the URL variant that points to the direct SharePoint download link. This generated link is also not time-dependent, which means it won't expire when used to connect to services like Geckoboard.

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