Building on Git, the distributed version control system, GitHub allows you to fork, send pull requests and manage all your public and private git repositories.

Widget Functionality

Our GitHub integration allows you to:

  • Display a list of up to 30 recent actions for a particular GitHub repository and/or branch such as code commits and messages.
  • Display the current number of forks, watchers, and issues associated with a repository
  • Display the number of pull requests outstanding for a particular repository
  • List all open pull requests for a given organisation
  • List pull requests for a given GitHub repo

Useful Links

Knowledge Base Article 


  • Example 2x2 GitHub widget

  • Organisation list

  • Organisation list

  • GitHub stats

  • Pull Requests Count

Anything missing? Let us know what integration you'd like to see and we'll look at making it happen. Send your integration requests and suggestions for improvement straight to and we'll add it to the list immediately.