• Connect Connect to any data
  • Setup Quick to set up
  • Edit Code-free editing

Our Datasets API makes it quick and easy to build live TV dashboards from data in third-party tools, databases and in-house systems.

How it Works

  • Connect

    1 Source your data

    Identify the in-house system, database or third-party tool that contains your data

  • Connect

    2 Send a Dataset

    Use our well-documented API and client libraries to send Geckoboard a Dataset with minimal code

  • Build

    3 Build visualizations

    An easy-to-use interface makes it quick and easy to build visualizations from your Dataset

  • Edit

    4 Fine tune & iterate

    Adjust, edit and fine-tune visualizations without calling upon a developer

Actionable Visualizations, Minimal Effort

Build and edit multiple visualizations from a single Dataset in-app, without changing any code.

Datasets source data Raw Dataset
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For Developers

We’ve built a simple API and provide comprehensive resources to save you time.

var gb = require('geckoboard')(

    id: 'space.cargo',
    fields: {
      destination: {
        name: 'Destination',
        type: 'string',
      cost: {
        name: 'Cost',
        type: 'money',
        currency_code: 'USD'
  function (err, dataset) {
      { destination: 'Mars', cost: 2457000 },
      // ....
  • Push data from any source using a simple, table-like structure
  • Flexible, well-documented API that simplifies working with data from several services
  • Node.js and Ruby client libraries mean you can start pushing data quickly using minimal code
  • Automate and add rows to a Dataset incrementally and remove the need to store historical data in your own database
  • Expertly-designed visualizations that take the hassle out of displaying live data and are easy for everyone to understand
  • Empower non-technical end users to build, tune and edit visualizations from hard-to-reach data sources
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Fully hosted and maintained by us, with great support to help you all the way.

We use the Datasets API to push up-to-date company metrics to our Geckoboard, keeping the team constantly informed and motivated to deliver their best. Setup was a breeze and we had our board up and running in under a day.

Jon Leigh, Senior Engineer, MoneyBox