Unite around your KPIs

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Geckoboards surface your most important business data in real-time so your team can unite around common KPIs and build a smart, productive data-driven culture.

Bring focus to Sales, Marketing, Ops, Support, and other teams in your business with a beautifully designed KPI dashboard.

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Monitor your business systems

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Bring your most important performance metrics out from your business systems and get them in front of your team.

See what’s working and what isn’t in a glance so you can celebrate wins, fix roadblocks and respond faster when changes happen in your business.

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Geckoboard has become a center point in our office. It’s a place where conversations take place about what’s happening with the data and what we can do to move those numbers in the direction we’d like them to go.

Thain Simon, Analytics Lead at Rise

We don’t have the luxury of waiting until the end of the week to see that there’s something going wrong somewhere. We can look at our Geckoboards and say 'Hey, there’s a dip here, let’s find our what that is and make a decision about it right now'.

Tara Tyler, Head of Quality & Sustainability at Bunny Inc.

How It Works

  • Choose your KPIs

    Choose your KPIs

    Define your overall business objectives and identify the KPIs that are aligned to your current goals.

  • Connect to your data

    Connect to your data

    Pull in data from the services you're using and build a beautiful KPI dashboard in a few clicks.

  • Share your dashboard

    Share your dashboard

    Display your Geckoboards on screens around your office and start having data-driven conversations.

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Communicate Key Metrics From...

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    60+ Cloud Integrations

    Pre-built integrations with software tools like Salesforce, Google Analytics and Zendesk save time and let you pull your data without calling in I.T.

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    Get your metrics noticed. Turn boring Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheets into clear, engaging KPI dashboards that make sense and get talked about.

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    Everywhere else

    Visualize data from any other source using Geckoboard’s flexible API. Push data from your own systems using JSON, XML and CSV feeds.

Data-Driven Teams Use Geckoboard

Marketing teams, sales execs, senior managers and business owners around the World are using Geckoboard to make their KPIs more effective.

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