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Fast-growing teams struggle with focus

When you grow quickly, team members lose track of company goals, get distracted by low-impact tasks, and miss what’s important right now.

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You understand what metrics need to improve, but your team doesn’t

Focused teams need everyone to be on the same page, but your KPIs are left ignored in cluttered spreadsheets, delayed in reports or misunderstood in complex BI tools designed for 1-to-1 deep-dive analysis.

Life before this was like flying a plane through fog with no instruments.

Alejandro Pérez, CEO, Komet Sales
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Live TV dashboards help teams to focus on what matters

Making your KPIs highly visible and easy-to-understand with a live TV dashboard means everyone knows where to focus their work at all times and can monitor real-time progress towards business goals effortlessly.

I love having Geckoboard on the walls because every time people walk by, they see a live heartbeat of performance and prioritize actions to drive growth.

Mark Myers, Co-founder & Chief Design Officer, G2 Crowd

Turn the most important metrics from the tools you use into easy-to-understand TV dashboards.

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Geckoboard has made a huge difference in behaviour by making my team constantly aware of the metrics that matter. As a result our sales have gone up by 10%.

John Birtwhistle, Sales Operations Manager, eSynergy Solutions