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Our business dashboard software lets you display high-level metrics to your whole company, with a choice of clear visualizations, so you can keep things transparent, and get everyone moving in the same direction.

Built for businesses

Team-focused dashboards

Build a TV dashboard for every team in your business, and make their everyday metrics unmissable and easy to understand, so they can see their impact, work smarter, and react faster.

Built for your teams

Business dashboards in minutes

We know you’d rather be working to hit your goals than setting up your dashboards. Geckoboard connects directly with the tools you use every day, simply pick your metrics and visualizations - no coding required.

If you ever need to display more data, our powerful spreadsheets integration and developer-friendly API make it easy to get the rest of your data in.

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Dashboards designed for TV

The power of TV dashboards is that they can’t be missed. They’re only a glance away. Our dashboards are designed to maximize clarity while looking great on your office wall.

We know the pains of keeping TV displays running and making changes. Our “Screens” feature means that running around the office with a keyboard is a thing of the past.

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Geckoboard has focused the team on growth and accelerated our reaction times.

Emmanuel le Blanc Dashlane
Emmanuel le Blanc

Geckoboard’s increased the overall performance of my team. It’s created awareness, competition and focus.

Tunde Noibi Marketo
Tunde Noibi

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