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Sharing key numbers with your team is more important than ever

  • Keep everyone aligned

    Present core company metrics on a dashboard to remind your team what matters and keep everyone pulling in the same direction

  • Help teams focus

    Prominently display your team’s key goals and metrics to maintain focus and momentum, especially during times of change

  • React and adapt faster

    In fast-moving situations, give your team live data to help them stay on top of everyday problems and respond faster

  • Maintain transparency

    Share high-level metrics on your dashboard so teams can see and understand how the company is performing

Build your dashboard in minutes

Image showing an example dashboard. Click to watch the video.
  • Visualize your key metrics in a few clicks – without coding
  • Connect easily and securely to all your business tools
  • No need to download anything as it lives in the Cloud

Sharing and viewing options

Whether you’re in the office, working remotely, or on the go, there are simple ways to share your dashboards with your team, and keep an eye on key metrics.

  • TV or big-screen monitor

    Display your dashboards on an office TV or big-screen monitor in minutes, to make key metrics unmissable for you and your team.

  • Sharing links

    Send dashboard links to your team and stakeholders, so they can have them in their browser tabs and check them throughout the day.

  • Mobile access

    Check your dashboards on your mobile browser, for up-to-date metrics on the go.

Trusted by fast-growing businesses, all over the world

At a glance, everyone in our organization can instantly see how we’re doing. And it looks fantastic – large, easy to read, and intuitive!

Photo of Mike Johnson, President/COO at Locus Robotics
Mike Johnson
President/COO at Locus Robotics

Every time people walk by, they see a live heartbeat of performance and prioritize actions to drive growth. It’s such an easy way to focus your team using metrics

Photo of Mark Myers, Co-founder of G2 Crowd
Mark Myers
Co-founder of G2 Crowd