Now valued at over $1 billion dollars, Aircall has charted an impressive path to growth. The cloud-based phone system is used by sales teams and customer service teams in over 17,000 companies worldwide

With a growing customer base, it’s not surprising that the platform has also built up a thriving eco-system of third-party apps and integrations to help you get the most out of your Aircall subscription. 

In this article, we take a look at the eight best Aircall apps, integrations and add-ons that will level-up your Aircall usage in 2024. 

Note: We’re going to assume that if your business uses well-known sales systems like Salesforce or Pipedrive, or customer service platforms like Zendesk or Intercom, then you’ve already checked out their Aricall integrations. Think of this list as a roundup of integrations you might not have considered. 


Although Aircall has extensive analytics features, it’s still not always easy or practical to share your KPIs with your team and wider stakeholders. 

That’s where Geckoboard comes in. 

Geckoboard is a KPI dashboard tool that connects directly to over 90 data sources, including Aircall, Zendesk and Salesforce.

Aircall users love it because it’s easy to create real-time KPI dashboards, which you can tailor to focus on the metrics you care about. That includes metrics from Aircall, but also from other business tools like Intercom and Pipedrive. 

Geckoboard is also very popular with call center managers who want to set up real-time TV dashboards that display call KPIs and other useful information like Agent Availability.

Geckoboard is optimized for TV display, and has a Send to TV feature which makes it easy to pair and manage your screens (without needing to use a digital signage solution).   


Klaus is a quality assurance tool for customer support teams, which simplifies the process of monitoring interactions between your support agents and customers, allowing you to provide effective feedback and coaching.

By integrating Klaus with Aircall, all customer service tickets from Aircall are automatically logged in Klaus. This enables you to create a QA scorecard tailored to your organization's quality criteria, select specific tickets for review, and employ voice QA capabilities to deliver targeted feedback aimed at enhancing your agents' performance.


If you're an outbound sales team who leverages LinkedIn to prospect for leads, then Surfe is for you. 

Surfe sits on top of LinkedIn and offers a one-click option for creating contact records in your CRM with customer contact information. This simplifies and speeds up the time you can turn LinkedIn leads into calls. 


Fireflies is an AI voice assistant you can use to transcribe, take notes, and even complete actions during your Aircall meetings. Fireflies supports over 60 different languages, and offers a range of features, including smart search, that will help you catalog, organize and work through call logs and meetings notes. 


In a similar category to Fireflies, we also have Avoma. Avoma can also integrate with Aircall to transcribe and summarize calls. 

Avoma is particularly exciting for support and sales teams because helps teams automatically analyze conversations across their team without having to do manual work, and offers actionable insights designed to improve customer experience in future, or close deals. 

Nice reply

Integrating Aircall with Nicereply allows you to automate the sending of CSAT, CES, or NPS surveys following customer calls. This means you can view real-time user feedback and ratings within Aircall, enabling personalized responses based on customer sentiment. 

Surveys can be triggered post-call by configuring the delay and criteria, such as specific tags or calls from designated lines. 


By integrating Typeform with Aircall, you can provide incoming calls with faster and more informed responses. That’s because Typeform’s Phone Number question lets you collect contact details so reps can immediately respond to call requests. Typeform also automatically surfaces survey responses within the Aircall platform so your team can have better, more informed conversations.


Honestly, what doesn’t Zapier integrate with? A common use case for teams who use Aircall is to use Zapier to send notifications about call activity to email and Slack.