No matter how much technology evolves, there are some core aspects of sales that never change. 

Understanding your customers, keeping up momentum, motivating your salespeople – these are the non-negotiables of any successful sales operation. 

Since the shift to remote work, sales leaders and managers have had to find new ways to keep their team members focused, motivated and productive.

Fortunately, for teams that use Slack, there are countless apps and integrations that will help  increase sales productivity and effectiveness.  In this article, we take a look at some of our favorite Slack apps & integrations, built for high-performance sales teams in 2024. 


Example of a Sales dashboard built using Geckoboard
Example of a Sales dashboard built using Geckoboard

Geckoboard is a KPI dashboard tool that connects to over 90 data sources like Salesforce, Pipedrive and Hubspot in just a few clicks. In a matter of minutes, you can build a Sales dashboard that will get your team invested in key sales metrics like never before. It’s great for building a data-driven culture of performance. 

Geckoboard has a Slack integration, which has some useful features. For example, you can set up daily or weekly snapshots of your dashboard, which post to Slack automatically. This is likely to save you countless hours on manual spreadsheet-based reporting, and ensures your team stay engaged with their KPIs and sales performance. 

You can also set up notifications, which alert you in Slack when important metrics change – for example, if you hit a sales target. It’s a great way of recognising achievements, and keeping tabs on important metrics when they drop below benchmarks. 


HubSpot Sales users may remember the launch of GrowthBot by HubSpot Labs. Since then, HubSpot have made some super AI-powered innovations to their Slack integration. With HubSpot, you can access answers, manage data about the sales cycle, and sends notifications about sales activities right to your team’s Slack channel.

HubSpot's Slack integration and brings many of your day-to-day sales processes into your team’s shared workspace. 

DealBot by Pipedrive

For Pipedrive users, there is DealBot. Dealbot provides instant deal updates on Slack, improving coordination among the sales team.

You can receive updates about newly added deals and notifications for closed deals, and also get personal deal updates. Additionally, you can search for specific deals, people, or organizations.

DealBot ensures your sales team stays informed about the latest developments in real-time, facilitating better coordination and faster decision-making. 


When it comes to this new generation of AI-assisted sales tools, there are many that have left us feeling slightly underwhelmed. But that’s not true of AntEater – a novel AI-powered application that’s genuinely innovative.  

Imagine having the features of a CRM-based chatbot, only without the CRM! AntEater connects to your Gmail or Outlook, then allows you to make queries about your contacts directly in Slack. 

  • Who do we know at Microsoft? 
  • When was the last time we emailed  
  • Who is an expert on LinkedIn Outreach?

Unlike CRMs which don’t always stay up to date, AntEater answers questions about your team's contacts & company activity with no data-entry required.


You may know Asana as a project management tool – but did you know it has a great Slack integration?

The Asana for Slack integration brings a range of functionalities to enhance task management within Slack. It allows users to take immediate action on tasks from notifications or Asana links, including viewing task details, marking tasks as complete, changing assignees or due dates, and adding tasks to a project or opening them in Asana. 

Users can also save time by converting Slack messages into Asana tasks or attach them to existing tasks using Actions. Additionally, the integration delivers notifications for tasks assigned to users and tasks they are following. It enables linking of Asana projects to specific Slack channels, which then receive updates on any changes made to the project. 


Klenty is a sales prospecting tool that helps sales teams execute sales outreach across multiple channels. It’s features include everything from from Customizable Sales Playbooks and Sequence Blueprints to Call Transcription and Summarization. 

Klenty includes a Slack integration which notifies you when prospects interact with your emails or visit your website. That means your team will be much quicker to react to in-market prospects when they are most engaged.


Drift is a messaging service for talking with customers and leads. 

Much like Klenty, one of the standout features of Drift is its real-time alert system. When integrated with Slack, Drift notifies sales teams immediately when a visitor lands on their website. This feature is crucial for capturing leads at their peak interest, allowing sales representatives to engage with potential customers instantly.