Drag and drop interface

Intuitive Drag-and-drop Interface

As your business evolves, so should the targets your team work towards.

Easily create and iterate dashboards around a theme of metrics using a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes setup and visualization changes so simple anyone can do it.

KPI gauge example

Clear & Simple Visualizations

Our visualizations have been designed to remove complexity and communicate the meaning behind your metrics simply and clearly. No matter how data literate your team is, they’ll quickly understand progress towards goals, and will optimize their activity to drive growth.

  • Number KPI widget with goal example
  • Number KPI and line chart example
  • Number KPI and percent example
  • Bar Chart with Goal example
  • Leaderboard example
  • KPI gauge example
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Geckoboard features Geckoboard features

The features that make it simple

  • Geckoboard features - full screen

    Full screen mode

    Remove distractions and give your metrics maximum visibility on your TV or monitor.

  • Geckboard features - secure sharing

    Secure sharing links

    Share instantly & safely with colleagues in or out of the office.

  • Geckboard features - dashboard loops

    Dashboard loops

    Cycle through several dashboards on one screen so everyone can see the metrics they need.

  • Geckboard features - set goals

    Set goals, track progress

    Easily add clear targets to your visualizations and update them in a few clicks.

Since setting up Geckoboard, we’ve increased our organic traffic globally by 10%, while our key markets have grown up to 50%. Our dashboards help us pinpoint the most valuable markets and target areas where we need to improve.

Linus Larsson, Global Online Traffic Manager at Thule

Customize to match your brand

Get your team excited about their metrics!

Easily add your logo and tailor each dashboard’s theme to match your brand without losing the clear and simple design that makes Geckoboard dashboards so easy to understand.

Geckoboard iPhone app

Key metrics on-the-go

Take your key metrics with you with our iPhone app. Get your team hooked on their numbers and give team members access to the metrics they need for focus on-the-go.

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