Easily pull in metrics from different tools, and bring them together on a dashboard

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    60+ pre-built integrations

    Pull live metrics from your everyday business tools into Geckoboard, without any technical know-how.

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    Effortlessly add data tracked in a Google Sheet or Excel file to your dashboard.

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    SQL databases

    Easily connect to a SQL database and turn queries into live visualizations.

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    Datasets API

    Send any other data from in-house systems and third party tools with this flexible solution for developers.

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    Real-time data

    Our dashboards refresh automatically to show the most recent data available.

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    Key metrics in one place

    Pull in metrics from different business tools and bring them together on a dashboard.

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    Powerful filters

    Slice and dice your data to show the metric you want, exactly how you want it.

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    Secure connections

    Geckoboard connects securely and stores as little data as possible. Learn More.

Visualize your data clearly

Geckoboard makes it easy to transform your most important data into clear dashboards that can be understood at a glance.

Drag and drop interface

You can customize the layout of your dashboards without any design or coding skills. Simply add, remove, resize and rearrange visualizations to reflect your team’s current priorities.

Simple visualizations

Everyone in your team should be able to see and understand important metrics. That’s why we’ve designed our visualizations for the big screen, so they’re easy to read and digest at a distance.

Geckoboard visualizations

Goals and status indicators

Geckoboard lets you add goals so your team can see their progress towards objectives without having to ask. You can also add status indicators to show your team when a number is exceeding expectations or needs urgent attention.

Easily display your dashboards on a TV

Your dashboards won’t make a difference if nobody sees them. That’s why Geckoboard is designed to be shared on big screens, so everyone in your company can keep track of the numbers that matter, and take action when it counts.

  • Send to TV and easily manage screens

    Instantly display, swap, and manage your dashboard from your Geckoboard account, without having to tinker with the TV.

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  • Cycle between several dashboards on one screen

    Make the most of your screen space with our loops feature, and cycle through several dashboards on one screen.

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  • Works with PCs, smart TVs, Raspberry Pis and more

    Geckoboard works on any device that can display a web browser. Get it on screen with a range of different hardware, even if your device is underpowered or your browser is old.

  • Geckoboard TV dashboard on Casper's wall
  • Geckoboard TV dashboard on Sole Trader's wall
  • Geckoboard TV dashboard on Bunny Inc's wall
  • Geckoboard TV dashboard on eSynergy Solutions' wall

More reasons Geckoboard is the best way to build and share KPI dashboards

Custom themes

Make your dashboard your own by adding your company colours and logo.

Sharing links

Easily share temporary public links to your dashboards so coworkers can view them without a Geckoboard account.

Mobile access

Access important up-to-date metrics on the go from your mobile browser.

Geckoboard mobile

Clock, image, and text widgets

Add extra points of interest to your dashboard to ensure eyes are drawn to your metrics.

Accounts for your coworkers

Create accounts for your coworkers so they can log in to view specific dashboards or build their own.

Amazing 24/5 support

Get the most from your dashboards with the help of our friendly support agents dotted around the world.

IP restriction

Have control over which devices can access specific dashboards.

We use Geckoboard to bring visibility to our OKRs, our chosen goal-setting framework, so everyone has a live reminder of how we are all doing against our goals and can prioritize work effectively.

Marc Biles, CEO, Ratio
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I love the flexibility of Geckoboard’s custom datasets. We can easily pull data from our internal systems and create beautiful live visualizations.

Emmanuel le Blan, Snr Director of Analytics, Dashlane
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