Product features

Find out how business leaders use Geckoboard to create a data-led culture.

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    Dashboard creator

    Our drag and drop dashboard builder means that anyone can create a professional-looking KPI dashboard in minutes. No coding necessary.

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    TV dashboards

    It’s easier than you think to set up a TV dashboard. Display your dashboard on a TV in your workspace and watch important metrics become an essential part of day-to-day team culture.

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    Snapshots and reports

    Automatically schedule snapshots of your dashboard for email and Slack.

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    Sharing your dashboard

    Whether you want to control who can access your dashboards, or share your metrics far and wide, Geckoboard makes it easy for the right team members to access the metrics they need.

Total game changer

“When I found Geckoboard, it was a total game changer for me; I finally felt confident that I was reporting the correct figures.”

James BilletCustomer Experience Managerat Jigsaw

Keeps everyone sharp

“As a scale-up our team is growing and growing. Geckoboard is a great way to inspire our teams and keep everyone sharp.”

Emiel van LentheCMOat Codator

90+ data sources

Geckoboard connects to over 90 popular business tools, including spreadsheets. If you don’t see the data source you need, then get in touch. It’s often possible to connect your data via Zapier or our custom API.