Victor Figueroa, Farmers Insurance Agency Owner, was building out a sales call center when he realized his old whiteboard wasn’t quite up to the task. He tells us how switching to a real-time TV dashboard has ignited a competitive fire in his sales team.

At the end of summer 2023, Victor had the chance to scale up his office space. He wanted to take this opportunity to expand not only the floor plan of his new office but also the way his team worked. Up until now, his sales team was working within to update their numbers. 

They had a small whiteboard in the office that Victor would update manually to let everyone know how they performed. 

“My goal was to build a call center style environment and everything was coming out perfectly, but I didn't want to go back to the traditional whiteboard. I didn’t want to manually update the numbers, I wanted the look of the stock exchange, I wanted our data on a TV!  We needed real-time data to keep track of our production.”

Because Victor’s sales team uses, it was his natural instinct to try to build a dashboard within the tool. Though he knew was a powerful tool, he couldn't find a way to leverage it in the way he wanted — to build an easy-to-view, professional TV dashboard.

“monday just didn’t have the clear sales visualizations I was looking for. I wanted something that would take over a whole TV screen. It feels like monday dashboards were designed for an executive to see how their team is performing and were meant to be viewed on a computer screen.”

Victor tried getting his data on a screen using Excel but again hit the issue of real-time data. As his team uses monday to control their workflow, they needed something that would connect with it and provide fast feedback loops for his sales team.

After more searching for the right tool, Victor found Geckoboard. 

“Geckoboard did really make it very, very easy to get set up. So when it integrated with Monday and I started noticing that every 10 minutes it would update our monday data – it solved my problem. And it actually looks nicer than monday and Excel.”

Once Victor had built his dashboard in Geckoboard, he got it up and running on a screen in his new call center. That’s when he started to see the significant impact that real-time data can have on a competitive sales team.

“Just having that displayed and the staff being able to see where they stand at all times, it’s huge. In the sales world, people need to know where they stand against the person next to them. It's become a very good investment because it just keeps the competitiveness going and the sales fire burning in the office. It’s a good fire to have if you want to be sales-driven.”

By giving up his whiteboard and implementing a real-time TV dashboard, Victor motivated his sales team and created a competitive fire that’s been crucial to their growth and success.

Victor’s team still uses that old whiteboard by the way, only now it’s used for calendar updates and information that’s a lot less impactful than important sales production numbers.

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