Whether you’re handling a ticket tornado or a particularly tricky ticket, customer support is a stressful job.

Sometimes you’re so busy you barely have time to eat, and when you finally put your feet up, it’s hard to switch off. That’s why we’ve made this simple self-care card to keep on your desk. A reminder to take some time out, with little things you can do to help you de-stress.

Look at something nice

I often feel most focussed when the space around me is clean. So my "look at something nice" is often just clearing up the table I'm working on and putting something meaningful on the desk with me, like a craft I've just finished

Sarah Chambers

Smell something nice

Whenever I’m feeling a bit stressed out or need a refresh, I turn to essential oils. I pop them in my diffuser or wave them under my nose for a quick pep up. I swear by Clary sage which is great for mood and anxiety, or Lemon which is perfect for energy and concentration.

Sarah Ley Hamilton

Feel something nice

This might sound silly, but I love ice when I’m really stressed. It’s so cold it’s just intense enough to pull me out of the funk.

Sarah Betts

Listen to something nice

I use the Pomodoro technique and work for 25 minutes and break for 10 minutes. In some of those 10 minute breaks, I meditate for 5 minutes using Headspace (a guided meditation app that makes meditation really simple) - which would be my “listen to something nice”. I can’t speak for everyone, but you’ll be amazed at how refreshed, tranquil, and rested you feel after even such a short period of meditation. Especially helpful in a job like Customer Service which requires a lot of emotional labour and empathy.

Hariharan Iyer

Taste something nice

I come from a family where the answer to everything is a cup of tea and when I start to feel stressed out, my instinct is always to go and drink some tea. Right now, I love black tea with peach from Bird and Blend- it tastes like summer and happiness and, without fail, the taste cheers me up.

Lisa Hunt