Zendesk is one of the most popular customer service platforms on the market, and for good reason. Its robust feature set makes it a great choice for businesses of all sizes. But what really takes Zendesk to the next level is its impressive app marketplace. There are over 500 apps that extend Zendesk's core functionality, many of which sit natively within the Zendesk interface.

We’ve carefully selected the top ten apps that go above and beyond in helping you get the most out of Zendesk.


If you care about responding to your CX metrics quickly and efficiently, then you need to try Geckoboard.

Many users find that Zendesk Explore dashboards can be clunky to use, and only update metrics hourly or daily (depending on your plan). Plus, it's not always convenient for everyone to access Zendesk Explore.

Geckoboard, on the other hand, makes it easy to create and share real-time Zendesk dashboards that keep your support team up to speed with what’s going on right now. It actually auto-refreshes your Zendesk Support metrics every 10 minutes – that's 6x faster than Zendesk Explore itself.

Plus, with Geckoboard you can share your dashboard in a way that gets maximum visibility, whether that’s via a TV dashboard, with sharing links, or using automated snapshots for email and Slack.

After connecting your Zendesk account, you'll be visualizing metrics like CSAT, ticket volume, SLAs achieved, and FRT in no time. You’re not limited to displaying Zendesk data either; you can bring data together from over 80 other tools including spreadsheets, databases, AirCall, Klaus and Google Analytics.

Geckoboard dashboard displaying data from Zendesk
  • Products supported: Support, Sell, Chat, Talk
  • Pricing: Free 14-day trial. Plans including Zendesk start from $79 p/m


If you're looking for a way to easily filter out and review customer service conversations, Klaus is exactly what you need. With its customizable score card, you can rate conversations based on criteria that's important to you, and use this to generate an Internal Quality Score (IQS). Agents who receive feedback are automatically notified so they can take action. It quickly becomes an indispensable tool for highlighting and praising great work from your team, and also sharing knowledge for areas that can be improved.

  • Products supported: Support, Chat
  • Pricing: Paid plans prices available upon request

iframe ticket sidebar

iframes are HTML elements that enable you to embed content from other sources onto your webpages. The iframe ticket sidebar app does the same for the right side of the user profile page in the agent interface. We’ve found this particularly useful for embedding a Geckoboard dashboard, displaying our key metrics for everyone in the team to see, but the possibilities are endless.

Screenshot of iFrame with Geckoboard
  • Products supported: Support
  • Pricing: Free


Harvestr is used to log and manage tickets that contain valuable customer feedback. These tickets can then be merged with your other feedback channels to get a real-time overview of customer problems. This way, you can quickly identify and resolve issues, and escalate user feedback to the wider company. With Harvestr, you can be confident that you're making the best decisions for your product based on feedback from your customers.

Screenshot of Harvestr
  • Products supported: Support
  • Pricing: Paid plans prices start from $79 p/m


With CloudApp, support agents can quickly create GIFs, screen recordings, and annotated screenshots and share them with customers. You can also blur sensitive data from your content, or point out something important. Using video and visual content can save your team crucial time when explaining a complex process, answering a question and capturing bugs.

Screenshot of CloudApp
  • Products supported: Support
  • Pricing: Free plan offers up to 25 captures at 90 seconds

Atlassian Statuspage

Statuspage is an incident communication platform that helps you communicate with your customers during planned outages or unexpected incidents. It provides a single source of truth to help teams keep customers informed about service availability, performance, and any related issues. Statuspage enables you to quickly build trust with your customers by providing proactive updates on system health as well as timely notifications in the event of an outage or other disruption.

Screenshot of Statuspage
  • Products supported: Support, Sell
  • Pricing: Free plan offers access to 100 subscribers, 2 team members, 2 metrics, notifications, and API access


ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing automation, CRM, and email marketing platform. ActiveCampaign’s Zendesk app installs a widget in the ticket sidebar which syncs ticket requester data in ActiveCampaign and triggers personalized communications. You can also track buyer preferences, behavior, and many custom attributes, enabling you to use data from the entire customer lifecycle to choose the best content, send time, and delivery channel for each customer.

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign
  • Products supported: Support, Sell
  • Pricing: Paid plans start from $29 p/m


Aircall is a cloud-based phone system that integrates with both Zendesk Support and Zendesk Sell. When receiving calls, the contact page of the caller is displayed automatically, while caller details are pulled directly from Zendesk Sell to give you the complete picture of your customers. When a call is answered, a new ticket is automatically created and displayed on your agent’s screen. All calls are then automatically logged as tickets in Zendesk Support along with key details about the call.

Screenshot of Aircall
  • Products supported: Support, Sell
  • Pricing: Paid plans prices start from $25 p/m per user.

Help Center Manager

Help Center Manager extends Zendesk Guide (included in Suite plans, or can be purchased with any Zendesk Support plan) to audit and organize your Help Center content. If your Help Center contains many articles it can be hard to make line edits across several articles, particularly to fix broken links. Help Center manager enables you to make edits across your entire site, with bulk operations to create duplicates of articles, categories, sections or entire help centers.

  • Products supported: Support
  • Pricing: Free 14-day trial, then starts at approx. $39 p/m.


Instead of making your users explain an issue via text or live call, Zest gives them the option to record their screens, with no installation required. This helps your agents better understand the user’s context and speeds up the troubleshooting process. You can also ask your customer to record their screen and follow up with visual step-by-step instructions yourself. Zest is also useful for bug reporting and product feedback. If you need to involve the product team, you can easily share the recording with them.

  • Products supported: Support
  • Pricing: Free plan offers access to 10 incoming records p/m.

Customize your own support workspace

These are some of the best apps you can integrate with Zendesk based on our experiences, but there are many others to explore in the Zendesk Marketplace. Think about what you need to enhance your workflows and get exploring!