Shopify store owners who are business-savvy know how important it is to stay on top of key metrics and reporting. Although Shopify offers its own in-app analytics package – Shopify Analytics, it can be limited by some of its features. 

That’s why many Shopify users incorporate 3rd party apps to help with their Shopify reporting, and reduce the amount of friction involved in tracking their online store’s performance. 

So, whether you need an overview of your marketing campaigns, or need to stay on top of your conversion rates, this is the article for you. We’ve compiled the list of the best Shopify dashboard and reporting apps that are making a significant impact in 2024.

1: Geckoboard

Example of a Shopify dashboard
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You won’t find Geckoboard on the Shopify app store – that’s because it has a much wider user base than just Shopify users. Nonetheless, Geckoboard’s Shopify integration has helped countless ecommerce professionals track key metrics and sales data in real-time.

With Geckoboard, you can connect your Shopify data in a few clicks then build a professional-looking ecommerce overview dashboard in just a few minutes.

The best part is, you can view your Shopify KPIs side by side, with live data from 90 other data sources like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and Zendesk. You can also visualize sales data from multiple Shopify stores, which can otherwise be a huge headache for owners of multiple stores.

Geckoboard has some great sharing features too – including sharing links, a Send to TV feature which allows you to display your dashboard on a TV screen in the office or warehouse, and alerts and scheduled reports for Slack. 

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop dashboard creator for customizable dashboards
  • 90+ sources or including connections to multiple Shopify stores
  • Real-time reporting
  • TV display

Pricing: Plans start at $39/month.

2: Shopify Analytics and Reports

If you’re looking to improve your Shopify reporting capabilities, it makes sense to find out if you can achieve what you need with Shopify’s native reporting tool. Shopify Analytics provides integrated analytics within the Shopify platform, offering insights into total sales, number of orders, and customer traffic. It features customer behavior reports to help understand shopping patterns and preferences. Financial reporting tools assist in tracking revenue, refunds, and overall store profitability.

Pricing: Although the tool is included in your Shopify plan, be aware that different reporting levels (including custom reporting) are only available on certain pricing tiers. 

3: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free, versatile tool that offers comprehensive insights into website traffic, user engagement, and e-commerce performance. It features advanced ecommerce tracking capabilities, including monitoring sales activities, customer journey, and conversion rates. The platform allows for highly customizable reports, enabling ecommerce store owners to focus on specific data points and metrics. Integration with Google Analytics is ideal for those looking for detailed, customizable web analytics without additional cost.

Pricing: Free

4: Better Reports

Better Reports is designed for customizable and in-depth reporting on Shopify, focusing on sales, inventory, and customer data. It offers a user-friendly interface for creating custom reports and automating their delivery, making data analysis more accessible. The app supports data export in various formats like CSV, Excel, and Google Sheets for external analysis. Scheduled reports can be set up for different periods of time including daily, weekly, or monthly insights, enhancing the decision-making process. 

Pricing: Starts at $19.90/month

5: Data Export IO

Data Export IO provides customizable and automated reporting solutions for Shopify stores, with a focus on flexibility and user support. Users can create detailed reports on sales, products, average order value, inventory, and taxes, among other metrics. The app offers automated report delivery, making it easier to receive regular updates without manual intervention.

Pricing: Plans start at $7/month

6: is a premium analytics and business intelligence tool for Shopify, offering advanced, multichannel data aggregation. It provides detailed customer and product segmentation, helping businesses understand key audience segments, repeat customers and product performance. Profit analytics is a standout feature, offering insights into costs, revenue, and overall profitability. The tool is designed for established businesses looking for comprehensive, in-depth analytics solutions. 

Pricing: Plans start at $79/month

7: Report Pundit

Report Pundit offers a comprehensive reporting solution with extensive customization options for Shopify stores. It provides real-time data updates, ensuring that the reports always reflect the most current business information. The app is known for its ease of integration with Shopify, offering a seamless user experience. 

Pricing: Starting at $9/month

8: Lifetimely

Lifetimely is a Shopify app focused on customer lifetime value (LTV) analytics and cohort analysis, helping businesses understand the long-term value of their customers. It provides revenue forecasting based on historical data, aiding in future business planning. The tool is instrumental in identifying patterns in customer behavior and spending, crucial for strategic decision-making. It’s ideal for businesses interested in long-term customer value and strategies for growing sales.

9: Polar Analytics

Polar Analytics offers a comprehensive solution for multi-channel data tracking and analysis, helping businesses understand the ROI of their marketing campaigns. It features custom dashboards for personalized data views and easy interpretation of complex data sets. The app is particularly strong in integrating and analyzing data from various marketing channels, providing a holistic view of marketing performance. Polar Analytics is perfect for businesses seeking an all-in-one solution for tracking and analyzing marketing data across multiple platforms.

Pricing: Starting at $300/month