Sean C, Director at Tempting Recruitment knew his sales team would perform better if they could see their KPIs in real-time. But he didn’t have the right solution yet. Sean tells us how he improved performance by installing a TV dashboard in his outbound call center.

Sean has always understood the importance of tracking call performance data – especially in his recruitment agency, which processes a large volume of outbound calls. 

Because Sean uses Aircall, he has access to their inbuilt reporting which helps him monitor the performance of the call center in real-time. The only problem was that it wasn’t always so easy to share this real-time data with his team. 

In order to let them know how they were doing, he found he was taking screenshots and sending updates to his team once or twice a day.

I used to send a screenshot manually. I can share a live link to Aircall but it might produce more information than I want the team to see, or slightly less.

It’s only when Sean demos a new sales tool which has the ability to share live call data on a TV screen that he realizes this could be what he needs. It plants a seed. TV dashboards!

Sean sets out on a hunt. He knows real time Aircall data is essential to the dashboard but he’d also like to display other metrics related to his sales pipeline. He needs a tool that integrates with Aircall, Zapier and Google Sheets.

This is when he found Geckoboard. 

Geckoboard allows me to connect not only my call data from Aircall but, through Zapier and Google Sheets, I can share metrics around job interviews and placements.

Shortly after signing up to Geckoboard, Sean set up a TV screen in their call center.

Most of the team loved seeing their performance but there were a few who were initially concerned about their data being shared so publicly. Their performance metrics were already being monitored (by him), but now everyone can see this.

However, Sean is of the opinion that it’s important for everyone to be made aware of their individual performance in order for them to take ownership of their work and the dashboards can be a great source of motivation for everyone.

The whole point for me is for people to have information. And the idea is to reward those who have met their goals. For those who haven’t made it yet, they’re able to see their targets and just keep pushing towards them.

He uses status indicators on his dashboard to visualize when a sales person meets their goal so this motivates them to continue making calls until they reach a “green” status.

Since rolling out the TV dashboard Sean has seen the team become more focused on their call volumes, and he no longer has to send multiple screenshots each day. 

Want to build TV dashboards for your outbound call center? Try Geckoboard for free for 14 days.