Hot on the heels of our recent Zendesk Support integration launch we’re thrilled to announce a brand new integration with Zendesk Talk!

Now your team can deliver better, more efficient phone support by creating highly visible, up-to-the-minute TV dashboards that enable teams to spot bottlenecks more easily, stay motivated and keep important targets front-of-mind throughout the day.

Want to see what’s possible with the new integration? Check out this dashboard we’ve built!

Zendesk Talk Example Dashboard Screenshot

Monitor your most important metrics

When you’re focused on serving your customers, you don’t want to be digging through browser tabs and emails to understand how things are going. That’s why Geckoboard is specifically designed to make it quick and easy to display up-to-date metrics on a large screen.

Our quick setup, easy-to-understand visualizations and simple screen management mean you can build your own TV dashboard in minutes. This makes it easy to monitor live Zendesk Talk metrics such as the number of calls waiting in your queue, current wait times, average time to answer and missed calls.


All your queues on one dashboard

Receiving calls on more than one phone number? Our integration gives you the flexibility to see performance metrics for each of your phone numbers side-by-side on the same dashboard.


Combined with our recently updated Zendesk Support integration and over 60 others including Twitter, Pingdom, AWS and Google Analytics, it’s easier than ever to build a large screen dashboard that gives you a full view over your support team’s performance.

Motivate agents with leaderboards

Tap into your agents’ competitive spirit with leaderboards. Highlight how they compare on key metrics including the number of calls accepted, total talk time and average wrap up time to create a high performance culture.


Create a dashboard with your key Zendesk metrics today - try Geckoboard for free!