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We're constantly improving the Geckoboard product, so whenever we update our dashboards or add a new feature we'll share the news here.

Introducing our new Free plan

How to get your data into Slack

Behind Geckoboard’s new brand

All eyes on data: introducing the new Geckoboard

Zendesk certifies Geckoboard as Suite Ready - get three months of Geckoboard free

New SQL databases integration - easily add metrics from MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redshift databases to your dashboard

For all the many, many tools and services your business might be using day-to-day, there’s a good...

Geckobot 2: Judgment Day

Heather Jones joined Geckoboard as Customer Success Champion in 2017. She has a keen interest in AI and...

Zendesk & Geckoboard: Some Suite Improvements

At Geckoboard we’re big fans of removing complexity where it’s not needed, so we were particularly...

New Pipedrive integration - spend less time digging into your KPIs and more time selling!

In a busy sales team it’s almost impossible for everyone to know how the team is doing...

New: Faster, smarter, happier customer support with Zendesk Chat & Geckoboard

Customer service is changing. Gone are the days when it was perfectly acceptable to respond to a customer...

New Freshdesk integration - deliver better, faster service with Geckoboard and Freshdesk

Today we’re excited to announce a brand new integration with Freshdesk that makes it easier than ever...

New Zendesk Talk integration: Provide more efficient phone support with a live TV dashboard

Hot on the heels of our recent Zendesk Support integration launch we’re thrilled to announce a brand...

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