This is the latest in our series of featured business dashboards, which highlights the interesting and different ways our customers are using Geckoboard. We hope that you will be inspired to try new ways of using your board, visualising your data and designing your dashboards.

We recently heard from Triin Linamagi, Key Account Manager at TextMagic, a bulk SMS marketing firm. She gave us excellent insight into how they're currently using Geckoboard, read on to learn more.

A Bulk SMS Marketing Firm With A Problem

TextMagic used to have a data problem – as a rapidly expanding company they needed to keep track of sales and other key statistics but that involved a lot of work in accessing different sources - Google Analytics, Pingdom, SEOmoz, as well as their own database, emails and ticketing system. All these different systems made it hard to quickly view their most important KPIs.

This was causing difficulties, as Triin explained "we are a very busy company that develops and markets web and internet based text message software and services for businesses, a service that is increasingly in demand - but we were wasting too much time on keeping track of everything! Then we discovered Geckoboard..."

A Workplace Revolution on a 46" Flat Screen

"Geckoboard has simplified the way we consume business data. We are now able to look at everything at once, giving us a complete overview of the business at a single glance and saving us a huge amount of time. Each of our team members can monitor what is happening - so sales, marketing, and customer services all have their own section of Geckoboard where they can see key data relevant to them in real time. Everyone gets involved and the real-time dashboard keeps us motivated - we know our targets and can see at any point whether we are on the right track for achieving them. It also means that we are able to react quickly if something appears not to be working, or indeed capitalise on a new initiative that is setting sales figures or website visitor numbers alight. At our office we use a large Samsung flat screen TV to display our Geckoboard data and then at home we are able to go online via our tablets and still see how the business is doing."

TextMagic use Geckoboard to display the following key metrics:

  • SMS texts sent each day

  • SMS texts sent each month

  • New users recorded each month

  • Churn and net accounts growth

  • Daily sales

  • Year to date sales

  • Website visits via Google Analytics widget

  • Website uptime monitoring via Pingdom widget

Keeping TextMagic Flying High

Triin says that "Geckoboard has been a huge success for us – we can now track all our vital key performance indicators easily and efficiently and certainly won't be going back to our old tracking methods. The flat screen with our real-time dashboard goes dark only on weekends – on business days it is always on."

"A good comparison for how it works is that of an aeroplane - a plane's instruments and the data they show are vital for keeping it in the air, but the pilot needs to be able to see them all at once. The same is true for a business – having everything in front of you enables you to react quickly and make changes before you hit the ground!"

Thanks to Triin for sharing her experiences of Geckoboard.

About TextMagic
TextMagic provides text messaging products, develops and markets web-based SMS communications solutions for businesses, agencies and developers. TextMagic bulk SMS services are fast, reliable and have worldwide reach, helping clients get the most from their SMS communications budgets.