Case Studies

We discuss dashboards, metrics, data, and all things in between with Geckoboard users and industry experts.

Customer Story: How CharlieHR took a radical approach to team structure and OKRs to accelerate growth

Customer Story: How Taylor & Hart Used NPS to Increase Monthly Revenue by 70%

Taylor & Hart is a London-based luxury online engagement and wedding ring retailer specializing in customized rings. Their...

Customer Interview: How Bestpass Saves Over Four Weeks of Developer Time With Geckoboard

Considering how every minute counts - imagine what would be possible if you saved four whole weeks! We...

Customer Interview: How an Entertainment Company Improved Their Conversion Rate by 33%

We recently had the opportunity to hear how one of our customers was able to improve their key...

Customer interview: How one SaaS business used data to save time and improve customer experience

We’ve been speaking to Alejandro Pérez, CEO of Komet Sales, a business-to-business SaaS platform. The platform enables...

Customer interview: PredictHQ tell us how they use data to build a better product and drive growth

We’ve been speaking to Campbell Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of New Zealand startup PredictHQ. PredictHQ is a...

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