Craig Wearne, Technical Analyst at Movember, tells us about how they're using Geckoboard across their offices in seven countries.

How did you find out about Geckoboard?##

We were investigating options to display some of the business and technology metrics to the offices around the world and discovered Geckoboard. After an initial investigation of the Geckoboard features, we discovered that we could show the business a lot of the metrics they were craving.

What was the initial reaction of your team after the status boards were placed in the office for everybody to see?##

The various regions were extremely impressed with the information being provided in real-time and how sleek and polished the interface looked. Everyone was so impressed that they kept asking for additional information to be mashed together and displayed via some of the custom widgets.

The team is spread across Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa. Each region has specific performance indicators and last year information about the performance in each region was distributed internally, but now all of this information can be displayed on boards in real-time for each region to see. With this information being displayed in real-time, all the regions have indicated that it helps them to understand how they are placed and can make informed decisions.


How did you choose your metrics?##

Initially the boards were there to display the same information we had originally displayed in previous campaigns. As we grew to understand the capabilities of Geckoboard, we chose metrics that would fit the business needs and everyone would find useful.

What's your advice for organisations that want to become more data-driven?##

Using Geckoboard allows numerous business and technology metrics to be integrated into one board. Combining data from across the organisation provides transparency and accountability that is required to improve and grow. The boards can be addictive, so make sure relevant information is being displayed.

How does Geckoboard bring all of your offices together?##

Displaying the various metrics has proved to be a great talking point and created some competition between the various regions. Enabling the regions to see all relevant metrics has created general banter about who was doing well and encourages those lagging behind.

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