We know from talking to customers working in SaaS that they want to measure the progress of their work, but choosing from the plethora of SaaS metrics can be overwhelming. That’s because it’s an iterative process. You won’t set the exact right metrics for your long-term goals right away. It takes some trial and error. The trick is to start somewhere, anywhere.

But like anything, getting started is the hardest part. That's why we built the SaaS Metrics Generator - to help people working in SaaS overcome that hurdle. To help you set your initial metrics without completely shooting in the dark.

The SaaS Metrics Generator is still in beta and certainly isn't complete. Product and engineering metrics will be added in the very near future. We're sharing what we have with you today to get your feedback and to measure its value to you. So after you check it out, let us know if it's helpful in setting your SaaS metrics. We'll continue improving it based on your feedback.

How the SaaS Metrics Generator works

Our SaaS Metrics Generator makes setting your initial metrics easy. It just takes three clicks. When you visit the landing page, you’ll be asked a couple of questions about the area of work you’re focused on (marketing, sales, support, or finance with product coming soon!) and what you’re trying to accomplish.

You’ll then be presented with the six metrics we’ve found most effective for improving your area. These curated metrics are based on research we’ve done with SaaS VCs, consulting with functional leads in each area of a SaaS business, our own experience in building and growing a SaaS company, and what we've learned from speaking to our customers.

These metrics have been proven to be effective measures of sustainable growth – something we’re passionate about (so much so, we dedicated an entire podcast to the topic). With each metric, you'll find advice from experts in the relevant area, how to calculate that metric, pros, cons, industry benchmarks, and more.

Examples of how the SaaS Metrics Generator works

If you’re a marketer who wants to build brand awareness, two of your six suggested metrics will be Brand Recall and Website Conversion Rate

If you’re an Account Manager looking to increase customer retention and upsells, two of your suggested metrics would be Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS):

See more customer satisfaction metrics.

Get started setting your metrics and reaching your goals

These are just a couple of examples of how the SaaS Metrics Generator can guide your goal-setting efforts. To see which metrics are most effective for your business goals, give it a spin.

If you’d like more information on how to set the most effective metrics for your SaaS company’s goals, I’ve shared a few of our favorite resources below.

This product is an innovation week project for our company. We’d love to know if it’s valuable to you. Please leave a comment below or send us a note at

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