Have you ever had that teammate who seems to know every software program inside and out? They know the shortcuts, tips, tricks like the back of their hand — the type of stuff you’re not going to learn by perusing the FAQ or help center.

Since we've been working hard on our new Salesforce Integration, you could say we’ve been a tad obsessed with learning as much as we can about the program … in a good way. Which is why we just shared a six-step guide to Salesforce implementation at your company.

As we did our homework, we learned that there are several people out there who have a powerful knowledge of Salesforce.com, and they love sharing it! It doesn’t stop with Salesforce, either. They have a wealth of knowledge in sales, lead generation, pipeline management, business development and more.

Top 15 Influential Salesforce Pros

Here are the top 15 influential Salesforce pros who are worth a follow if you’re looking to beef up your Salesforce know-how. You can even subscribe to our handy Twitter list with all 15 (and then some) to make it easy!

  1. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce
    Marc doesn’t need much of an introduction. Who knows Salesforce.com better than the CEO himself? He tweets about Salesforce of course, but also entrepreneurship, business, and his passions such as science and the environment. Data shows he’s the most active CEO of a Fortune 500 company on Twitter with an average of 5.5 tweets per day. Impressive.
  2. Charlie Isaacs, CTO for Customer Connection at Salesforce
    A self-proclaimed ‘internet of things’ guy and a Salesforce team member, Charlie tweets behind the scenes happening at Salesforce, as well as a ton of helpful information around CRMs and tech.
  3. Ben McCarthy, EMPAUA
    Best known as Salesforce Ben, Ben is a four-time certified Salesforce MVP. He shares all of his Salesforce knowledge on his blog SalesforceBen.com. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with the latest blog posts, plus an inside look into life as an MVP and other sales and Salesforce goodness.
  4. Adam Seligman, SVP Developer and Admin Relations for Salesforce
    Adam leads the Salesforce Trailhead program — “the fun way to learn Salesforce.” In other words, he’s the perfect person to follow for easy (and fun!) adoption of Salesforce into your life. Trailhead has guides for Salesforce.com success geared towards admins, developers, salespeople, and more. He retweets more than he tweets, but they’re worth checking out!
  5. Pat Patterson, Developer Evangelist Architect at Salesforce
    You’ll quickly notice that Pat’s tweets are for the more tech-inclined, geared towards developers in charge of Salesforce implementation and maintenance. That said, they’re full of tips and advice for developers focused working with the program. He presents at many events such as Dreamforce, OSCON, JavaOne, the RSA Conference, Defrag, Gluecon, and more.
  6. Dan Darcy, SVP of Productivity at Salesforce
    What a title, right? Dan is a sales trainer, product marketer, builder, and storyteller for Salesforce. His job is to bridge the gap between product and customers. He shares a lot around the Trailhead program, Salesforce, business, and messages of motivation.
  7. Dave Carroll, Developer Evangelist at Salesforce
    Dave also shares content geared for the more tech-minded. That said, he shares helpful tips around Salesforce implementation, business strategy, other developer events, and more.
  8. Mike Gerholdt, Salesforce Admin Evangelist
    Mike is a multi-session Dreamforce presenter. Certified admin/ developer/ sales cloud consultant. He’s known as a bit of a Salesforce hero. He shares tons of tips and insights on his blog buttonclickadmin.com, making Salesforce easier for all levels of users.
  9. Trish Bertuzzi, President & Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group
    Trish is one of the most prolific sales influencers on Twitter, sharing tons of nuggets on sales strategy, sales tactics, and Salesforce.
  10. Peter Coffee, VP of Strategic Research at Salesforce
    Peter works with app developers and CIOs to build a global community of innovation, service and success. Having been with the company for nine years, Peter has a lot of expertise to offer his followers.
  11. Matthew Lamb, CRM and Sales Tech at Rackspace
    Matthew is a nine-time certified Salesforce MVP and technical architect. As a CRM and sales tech, he’s pretty much a walking encyclopedia of sales and Salesforce knowledge. Follow him for a wealth of Salesforce tips and education, as well as curated articles on business, entrepreneurship, and more.
  12. Brent Leary, Co-founder and Partner of CRM Essentials, LLC
    Brent is a seasoned Dreamforce veteran on the cutting edge of CRM technology. His consulting and advisory firm is focused on helping small and mid-size enterprises make the most of CRM systems with successful implementation and management. He tweets about SMB strategy, KPIs, data, entrepreneurship, CRM, and more.
  13. Wes Alkin, Video Marketer at Vidyard
    Wes is another Salesforce MVP, a video marketer, and cloud computing pro. He tweets about compelling digital marketing, sports, and you guessed it … cloud computing.
  14. Becka Dente, Director or Cloud Technology at Conga
    Becka is an inaugural, five-time Salesforce MVP. She’s an expert in Salesforce admin and cloud technology implementation. In her work, she’s responsible for the constant evaluation of the data model to meet the core needs of the business. She tweets about Salesforce, Trailhead, and different Salesforce events.
  15. Jeremy Waite, Salesforce Evangelist
    Jeremy is a Salesforce Evangelist, the author of From Survival to Significance, and is currently writing UBERNOMICS — the first book to take a deep dive into the economics of Uber. Naturally, he’s been tweeting about Uber, but he also frequently shares useful stories around data science, marketing, advertising, social media, business, and of course, Salesforce.
  16. (Bonus) Salesforce SaaSy
    Salesforce SaaSy is the “official dreamy Salesforce mascot”. We can’t say you’re going to get much more out of following SaaSy than an inside look into Dreamforce, but the account is worth following for event and company updates.

Just like when you’re adopting a new habit or ritual, adopting a new program is easier when you surround yourself with like-minded people. Follow these folks to be inspired, motivated, and maybe even a little bit smarter. ;)

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