Here’s an outline of how we’re responding to COVID-19.

No disruption to your dashboards

We have the processes and tools in place so that COVID-19 will not cause any disruption to our services. Since March 4th the entire team has been strongly encouraged to work from home and we’re now making this mandatory. As a business we’re well set up for working remotely, with most staff doing so regularly as part of their normal routine. On top of this around a quarter of our staff are already fully remote.

Using Geckoboard in a remote company

Most of our customers use Geckoboard to display dashboards on TVs in their offices. This makes their most important metrics unmissable for the whole team, which helps to build a transparent, open culture in a company.

Transparency and awareness of key metrics are even more crucial when everyone is forced to work remotely, but clearly a dashboard in your office is no longer an appropriate solution.

To help our customers keep their teams in touch with their data, we're making Sharing Links and Mobile Access available on all our paid plans until September 1st 2020, and longer if the crisis continues.

Sharing URLs enable anyone with the link to access the dashboard, allowing staff to keep the tab open in a browser tab on their own computer and for you to easily link to it from wikis, documents, email and IM (e.g. Slack).

We’ve also set up a dedicated product team to work on enhancing Geckoboard for remote companies, and will be shipping new features to help get your key data in front of your teams in the coming weeks.

Financial consideration

We recognize that many companies are being placed under enormous financial stress. If your business is particularly affected, please contact our support team at and we'll do what we can to help you out.