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Interview: Justin Mares talks about how to approach the process of getting traction

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Every startup is on the pursuit of traction. But what does ‘traction’ mean? The definition is simple: Growth. How you are going to achieve growth is less simple, and the process of getting traction looks different for every company.

Justin Mares, co-author of Traction - A Startup Guide to Getting Customers, talked to Geckoboard CEO Paul Joyce about what traction channels makes sense for your business and how to use data to gain traction.

‘What gets you from 1000 customers to 10,000 customers isn’t necessarily going to get you from 10,000 to 100,000.’ - Justin Mares

Key takeaways:

  • How to approach the process of getting traction
  • How to use data to gain traction
  • How to brainstorm and test around traction
  • Choosing the right channels for traction
  • The difficulty of quantifying channels and how to solve it

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