We’ve been interviewing Domingo Karsten, Managing Director and founder of Saleduck, an online coupon and deals platform where Europeans go to discover sales.

Where and how do you display your dashboard to encourage your team to view and act on the data?

We have a big LED screen mounted to our wall made of blue synthetic turf. It’s positioned on a spot where everyone in the office can see it. A spot that old fashioned companies might use to hang a clock.

The good thing about having a KPI dashboard instead of a clock on the wall is that it motivates people to work harder and longer to reach their goals. A clock on the wall reminds people to leave on time as stated in their contract.

Generating a growing amount of traffic is a very important KPI for our company. Since we are expanding internationally, we have stats for every country. This way, it's easy to compare how different countries are performing.

How did you choose the KPIs to include on your dashboard?

We have chosen to display all countries that we are active in, on one single dashboard. This makes it easy to compare countries and evoke friendly competition between country managers. As a company we have one mutual goal stated in an amount of total visitors on all platforms. Every country has their fair share in this mutual goal. That’s why we show the percentage of the amount that is to be achieved, next to the recent amount of visitors. This makes the KPI dashboard important for our individual goals and our mutual goals.

How did you decide the layout of your dashboard?

We placed different countries from left to right, based on the oldest markets and our newest launched. A country flag shows what stats you are looking at. This makes it easy to compare countries that are launched after each other. We display important numbers such as monthly users at the top and less important ones at the bottom.

Any other tips on how you can use the dashboard to drive a data-driven culture?

You don't need to have the same KPI dashboard all the time. It can be refreshing to change the layout or KPIs sometimes. Also, point out important KPIs for a particular project that people are working on to keep them focused.

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