You could read a thousands business books and nearly all of them would concur that it’s important for a leader to instil trust in their group of workers.

However, our study into ‘Mushroom Management’ found that opaque cultures where data isn’t shared has a negative impact on team members in terms of their confidence and trust in bosses, as well as motivation productivity and likelihood of staying with a company.

At Geckoboard we embrace a culture of data transparency and wanted to take a closer look at non-transparent data cultures to understand the scale of the problem, the impact it has on employees and some of the solutions to overcome the challenges faced.

In collaboration with Censuswide, we surveyed 2000 employees of business in the UK and US. Check out the infographic below for some of the key takeaways of our report.

![Infographic - Final (1)](/content/images/Infographic - Final (1).png)

Tl;dr? Here’s a blog post that sums up the key points.