Gekkonidae Data Tabula, meaning ‘Gecko which gathers data and displays it on dashboard.’ Geckoboard is a rare species of lizard found in several areas of the world from Japan, to Finland, right through to Venezuela.

Data is the heart of Geckoboard’s business and the data-driven culture its DNA. But what are the Geckoboard’s characteristics? What’s its diet ? And what do we know about its morphology?

First, let me introduce myself: my name is Mehdi Beddiaf and I’m a Geckoboarder engineer intern coming from France, it has been a couple of months now that I analyse the Geckoboard. This is me who will answer these questions and as a naturalist, I will describe you the Geckoboard’s anatomy.


Inside the Gecko


Geckoboard is a datavore eating JSON and XML with a clear preference for beautiful JSON full of data. It feeds selectively and carefully to prevent itself being injured my harmful data. It attacks and kill large amounts of data by accessing through APIs so that it may be able to swallow them easily.



Geckoboard is able to vary its coloration and pattern through combinations of pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, brown, light blue, yellow, turquoise, and purple.

However, I could establish a non-exhaustive list of patterns. Indeed, it’s not unusual to see patterns like pie chart, bar chart, number chart, funnel, highchart, world map…etc.

Color change in Geckoboard has functions in social signaling and in reactions to sales stats, visits stats and other conditions. The relative importance of these functions varies with the circumstances, as well as the patterns.

Adhesion ability

Geckoboard toes have special adaptations that allow them to adhere to most APIs with the use of OAuth or OAuth2. The fields arranged in layers on Geckoboard forms enable attractive van der Waals’ forces between the services and the APIs. The data sources of Geckoboard are also self-cleaning and will usually remove dirt data within a few steps.


More than anything the Geckoboard is peaceful and lovely, except if you are a data obviously!

Geckoboarders enjoy to have a drinks together, play Street Fighter or darts, eat burgers or burritos every Friday lunch or talk about data.

Geckoboard has a data-driven culture and the metrics which it cares about are happiness, good listening and problem solving. Geckoboard leitmotiv is Do unto others as you would have them do to you. These are all the values that it tries to share with its customers.



Geckoboard’s left cerebral hemisphere takes care of business decisions, the CEO, while the right cerebral hemisphere, more technical decisions, the CTO.

The Growth team is the lung of Geckoboard, this essential respiration organ has for principal function to transport data from the APIs into the bloodstream of the SaaS, and to release digested data from this bloodstream into the cyberspace, more precisely on dashboards within the cyberspace.

The Product team are the muscles of Geckoboard, they are primarily responsible for maintaining and changing posture, locomotion, as well as movement of internal organs, such as the contraction of the heart and the movement of data through the digestive system via the code.

They are also responsible for the hunt by finding new services to integrate, for the courtship display by developing new widgets on Geckoboard’s skin and to recover from wounds by fixing bugs.

A new species of Gecko is coming

Finally, Geckoboard is an amazing species with lots of tailored skills to collect data through API and I’ve learnt so much things by observing it.

However, I’ve witnessed several mutations recently. This Geckoboard is better, faster, stronger, it has a biggest assortment of skin colors and patterns, most important it eats more and more data.

All these observations lead me to an inevitable conclusion: I’ve found a new species of Gecko, the Gecko Gojira Data Tabula, Gojira from Japanese “ゴジラ” or Godzilla in English language, in reference to the most famous and terrifying Kaiju.

Natural competitors, you have been warned, there is a new predator on top of the data chain and it is going to make short work of you, run you fools!


P.S. I would like to thank Rob for this opportunity, the Product team for all their advices, the Growth team for their happiness and everybody for this amazing experience. I will miss the Friday lunch, the Street Fighter games and of course all Geckoboarders. (Thank you for your patience with my French accent too.)