The Geckoboard Customer Support KPI Guide

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About the report

We’ve put together this guide as the definitive introduction to the most popular Customer Support KPIs. Its goal is to help you decide which KPIs to prioritize in your team, and to help you understand the possible side effects of focusing on any particular metric.

The 52 page handbook provides detailed formulas and definitions for the 13 most important Customer Support KPIs. It also explains the advantages and possible pitfalls of each metric.

Great for beginners and experienced customer service agents alike, this guide covers the following KPIs:

  1. Agent Touches per Ticket
  2. Average Handle Time (AHT)
  3. Average Reply Time (ART)
  4. Average Resolution Time
  5. Call Abandonment Rate
  6. Customer Effort Score (CES)
  7. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  8. Escalation Rate
  9. First Contact Resolution Rate (FCR)
  10. First Response Time (FRT)
  11. Ticket Backlog
  12. Ticket Volume
  13. Next Issue Avoidance