Shareable dashboards

Geckoboard helps you raise awareness of KPIs and build a data-driven culture by making it easy to share live KPI dashboards with your team and stakeholders, wherever they’re located. Here’s how.

  • Share dashboard link

    Share a link

    Generate a link to your live dashboard that can be easily viewed in any web browser, no login required.

  • Invite users

    Invite your team

    Add others to your Geckoboard account to log in and view specific dashboards or create their own.

  • Dashboard on a TV

    Display on a TV

    Display live dashboards on TVs or large screens around your workplace. We’ve made setup quick and affordable.

  • Email and Slack snapshots

    Schedule dashboard reports

    Automate your reporting by sending out snapshots of your dashboards out automatically over email or Slack.

  • Embed dashboards

    Embed in other tools

    Embed live dashboards in tools like Notion, Microsoft Teams, Miro or Zendesk, using a simple code snippet.

  • Picture of

    Onboard your whole organization

    Bring everyone in your organization into your Geckoboard account, and manage access, with Single Sign On (SSO).

Quick oversight

“Geckoboard allows the team to track their key metrics, and for management, it allows us to have a quick oversight of what’s happening.”

James BilletCustomer Experience Managerat Jigsaw

Sharing the big picture

“When we started giving agents a little more visibility on the bigger picture, everybody started craving more”

Emiel van LentheCMOat Codator

90+ data sources

Raise awareness of key metrics by making KPIs easy to access and understand, wherever they’re stored.