The Geckoboard Customer Support Experience Report 2021

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Get your copy of the Customer Support Experience Report 2021. We pull insights from 50 Customer Support leaders and share key takeaways for the industry.

About the report

We surveyed 50 Customer Support leaders and created the first ever Geckoboard Customer Support Experience Report. The report digs into data and insights to give you key takeaways on how you can:

  • Improve staff retention
  • Boost team efficiency
  • Increase visibility of the Support team’s work within the wider organization

Highlights from The Geckoboard Customer Support Experience Report 2021:

It’s probably no surprise that we found Support teams thriving in organizations where they feel most valued. However, 42% of people we surveyed don’t feel their Support team’s work is consistently recognized outside of their department, with 8% feeling like their work isn’t recognized at all.

“Support isn’t sexy. Spending money on research and development leads to flashy features. Spending on PR and marketing leads to nice ads and brand recognition. But with Support, the approach is, ‘How cheap can we do it? Can we get it cheaper by outsourcing it overseas?’”

Respondents discuss ways they’ve overcome specific challenges.

“We created a training academy within the customer Support team to improve consistency across the team in how we resolve user contact.”

And, look at just how important recognition and visibility is for this industry.

“Nailing the Product/Support feedback loop was the most significant change because it raised the profile of the Support team—people from other teams now seek feedback from Support because we have established ourselves as a good source of feedback and the group who knows customers the best.”

Here’s a brief summary of what is covered within the report:

Chapter 1: The challenges facing Support teams

  • Organisational silos hurt the customer
  • Unpredictable workloads are hard to manage
  • Support teams feel understaffed
  • There is a lack of recognition from the wider organisation

Chapter 2: The biggest opportunities for Support teams

  • Provide training and advancement opportunities
  • Adopt new tools and processes
  • Increase recognition with transparent communication

Chapter 3: Using data to demonstrate the value of support

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • First Response Time (FRT)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Make the real Support experience visible

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