• Starter

    For startups and small teams starting to build goal-oriented teams.

    $ 25 / Mo
    Includes one month free
    *All prices exclude VAT
    • 1 Dashboard
    • 1 User
    +$25/Mo per extra dashboard Up to 4 dashboards Each extra dashboard adds one user
    • Email Support
    • Geckoboard Branding
  • Most Popular


    For growing businesses who want broader usage to focus their teams.

    $ 149 / Mo
    Includes one month free
    *All prices exclude VAT
    • 5 Dashboards
    • Unlimited Users
    +$25/Mo per extra dashboard Up to 10 dashboards
    • Priority Email Support
    • Custom Themes
  • Company

    Everything you need for a company-wide rollout to improve key metrics.

    $ 599 / Mo
    Includes one month free
    *All prices exclude VAT
    • Unlimited Dashboards
    • Unlimited Users
    • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
    • Custom Themes

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Life before Geckoboard was like flying a plane through fog with no instruments.

Alejandro Pérez, CEO, Komet Sales Alejandro Pérez, CEO, Komet Sales

As soon as we installed Geckoboard in our offices, we saw our customer service levels improve four fold.

AJ Franchi, Chief Information Officer at Gold Star AJ Franchi, Chief Information Officer at Gold Star


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    What happens after the free trial ends?

    You can try Geckoboard with all features enabled for 30 days completely free. When your trial ends, your dashboard(s) will no longer be updated and will become inaccessible. If you want to continue using Geckoboard, simply select a plan and enter a valid payment method in your account settings.

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    What if I need more (or fewer) dashboards or users than I signed up for?

    No problem! You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription adding more or fewer dashboards and users within the allowances of your plan. We’ll charge your account on a pro-rata basis and either issue a credit, or add it to your bill.

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    How many dashboards will I need?

    A dashboard is the size of a widescreen TV and displays multiple different metric visualizations, which you can easily move around using our drag-and-drop interface. Each dashboard tends to focus on a specific purpose or group of viewers such as sales or marketing. Here are some example dashboards to give you an idea. Our most successful customers generally gain the most focus from having no more than 15 metric visualizations per dashboard (usually displayed on a TV), although you can add as many visualizations as you want. The number of dashboards you’ll need will depend on how many different teams or audiences you want to have their own dashboard.

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    Can I install Geckoboard on my own server?

    No. Geckoboard is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) application. We maintain our servers, security and updates so that you don’t have to. You can read more about our commitment to secure data here.

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    How many users will I need?

    A user can either have admin or read-only rights. Both can view dashboards via the iOS app, but only admins can build and edit dashboards. You don’t need to be a user to view dashboards on a TV or in a desktop browser since you can use Secure Sharing Links to see the dashboard. If you want more than 4 people to be able to build and edit dashboards or view dashboards via the mobile app, then you’ll need to select a plan with unlimited users (either Growth or Company).

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    How does it work when I pay annually?

    When you pay annually get one free month included, so 12 months for the price of 11. We will charge you the annual cost when you subscribe and you will have Geckoboard access for the next 12 months.

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    What if I want to cancel?

    You can cancel at any time. You’ll be billed for your current contract period (monthly or annual) but never again.

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    Will I need Custom Themes?

    Custom themes enable you to customize the look and feel of your dashboard to reflect your brand using CSS. If you want to customize the dashboards using your company branding, then you will need to select a plan with custom themes included.

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    Which browsers does Geckoboard support?

    Geckoboard is optimized for the latest versions of the main browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9 or above). Our mobile app also supports iOS enabled mobile devices.

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    How does the sign-up process work?

    Sign up with your email address and start using Geckoboard to monitor your key metrics. No credit card required. Use all Growth plan features free for 30 days, then choose a plan that suits your needs if you want to continue. That's it, no commitments!

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    Will my data be private and safe?

    The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Geckoboard uses no plain text communication whatsoever. Communication between all app components, including connections to the database, the message queue and other HTTP connections, are encrypted. User passwords, access tokens and any other stored information are also encrypted. Read more about our approach to security.

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