Simplify ecommerce reporting with a KPI dashboard

Geckoboard allows you to bring key ecommerce metrics from multiple tools into one professional looking dashboard you can share with the whole team.

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Real-time updates

Spot important changes and react fast.

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Reduce report hours

Save time on daily reports by surfacing key metrics.

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Bring KPIs together

Include KPIs from multiple tools, campaigns and stores.

Loved by data-driven teams at businesses big & small

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Why Geckoboard?

Keep a view on how your online store is performing by bringing key data together into a KPI dashboard.

James Billett

Helicopter view

“Geckoboard gives me a helicopter view – I’m able to see everything I need in one place.”

James BillettCustomer Experience Managerat Jigsaw

Connect your data

Geckoboard connects to over 90+ popular business tools, including spreadsheets. If you don’t see the data source you need, then get in touch. It’s often possible to connect your data via Zapier or our custom API.

How it works

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  1. 1. Connect your data

    Choose from over 90 data sources and connect real-time data in a few clicks.

  2. 2. Design your dashboard

    Select the metrics you care about. Then use our drag and drop interface to design a dashboard that makes you look like a pro.

  3. 3. Make it unmissable

    Create a sharing link. Display on TV. View on mobile. Or schedule snapshots for email and Slack.

Product Features

Dashboard examples from companies like yours

Geckoboard saves the day

“Geckoboard has saved us. We caught sales of a product that shouldn’t have been available because of our dashboard”

Joel StrycharzPresidentat Premiere Book Group

Get eyes on your KPIs

Regardless of where your data lives, Geckoboard allows you to share your metrics so everyone knows how your online store is performing.

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    TV dashboards

    Designed to look great on a big screen – get your key numbers in front of everyone with a TV dashboard in your office.

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    Scheduled snapshots

    Schedule regular snapshots of your dashboard via Slack or email to replace your manual reports.

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    Live view

    View your KPIs live from anywhere in the world with sharing links or mobile view.

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    KPI notifications

    Keep your store running smoothly with KPI notifications via Slack for updates on important changes to your numbers.

Everyone sees goals

“Geckoboard ensures everyone can see their goals and work towards them.”

Emiel van LentheChief Marketing and Operations Officerat Codator