Customer Support Dashboard Examples

Call center dashboards

A call center dashboard (or contact center dashboard) visualizes live metrics such as number of calls, wait time, and customer satisfaction.

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Helpdesk dashboards

Enables helpdesk teams to monitor key metrics and make sure they’re hitting KPI targets.

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Customer Experience dashboards

A Customer Experience (CX) dashboard highlights customer interaction metrics important to ensuring a positive experience.

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Customer service dashboards

A customer service dashboard visualizes a support team’s performance in real-time, so they can react to important changes and make progress toward their goals.

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CSAT dashboard

A CSAT dashboard breaks down one of the most important Customer Support KPIs, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), helping teams better understand how and why it’s changing.

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SLA dashboards

A Service Level Agreement dashboard (SLA dashboard) helps customer service teams understand if the level of support they are providing meets set standards.

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Support agent dashboards

A support agent dashboard visualizes the performance of individual CS agents in order to foster a spirit of friendly competition.

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Zendesk dashboards

A Zendesk dashboard surfaces real-time KPIs and ticket information from Zendesk, allowing managers and agents to monitor the queue throughout the day, be more responsive, and deliver stellar support

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Intercom dashboards

Using data from Intercom to create agent leaderboards for motivating Customer Support teams.

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Aircall dashboards

Sharing metrics from Aircall to help monitor calls and motivate teams to perform.

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