KPI Examples

Browse popular KPI examples for Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and more to help you measure performance effectively.

Customer Success KPIs

Take customer success to the next level, and optimize your support content by tracking KPIs that reflect your customers' experience.

Customer Support KPIs

Help your customer support team measure and improve service levels, with KPIs for tickets, conversations, response times, and overall customer satisfaction.

Finance KPIs

Assess the fundamental health of your business, and prove viability to shareholders, by tracking high-level finance KPIs.

Mobile App KPIs

Try these mobile app KPIs to help you improve in-app experience, understand your users, and keep people coming back for more.

Product KPIs

Use product KPIs to help you understand user-behaviour throughout the funnel, highlight areas for improvement, and keep customers happy.

Sales KPIs

Harness your team’s competitive energy, help them respond to leads faster, and improve overall performance with a mixture of real-time sales KPIs and bigger-picture metrics.

Startup KPIs

Monitor your business’ day-to-day health, assess long-term viability, and stay focused on growth with startup KPIs.