Improve sales team performance with KPI dashboards

Geckoboard gives sales leaders the power to build and share KPI dashboards that improve team performance.

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Motivate your team

Foster friendly competition by showcasing performance.

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Align everyone

Keep key metrics top of mind for the whole sales team.

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Celebrate wins

Celebrate successes and give recognition in real-time.

Loved by data-driven teams at businesses big & small

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Why Geckoboard?

Geckoboard enables busy sales leaders to build and share real-time KPI dashboards. Allowing your team to focus on the important stuff – selling!

Boost team performance

“Geckoboard had a direct impact on our sales figures”

Vaughn NewtonBusiness Development Managerat Dymatec

Connect your sales tools

Geckoboard connects to 90+ data sources including many popular sales tools. If you don’t see the data source you need, then get in touch. It’s often possible to connect your data via Zapier or our custom API.

How it works

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  1. 1. Connect your data

    Choose from over 90 data sources and connect real-time data in a few clicks.

  2. 2. Design your dashboard

    Select the metrics you care about. Then use our drag and drop interface to design a dashboard that makes you look like a pro.

  3. 3. Make it unmissable

    Create a sharing link. Display on TV. View on mobile. Or schedule snapshots for email and Slack.

Product Features

Sales dashboard examples

Juliet Frerking

Visibility and motivation

“It gives the sales team complete visibility on the process we’re going through, as well as motivating them to perform well.”

Juliet FrerkingCOOat TouchCare

Get eyes on your KPIs

Whether you’re a lively sales desk in an office or a team of roving field reps Geckoboard makes it easy to share your most important data.

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    TV dashboards

    Geckoboard has been designed to look great on large screens, which the whole office can see. All you need is a TV or monitor.

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    Sharing options

    View your dashboard live via a sharing link or set up scheduled snapshots via email or Slack. Great for remote teams.

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    Mobile view

    With mobile view you can access your dashboards, even when you’re on the go.

Monitor performance and share hidden data

“Geckoboard is a great visualization tool for monitoring performance. Stakeholders see our Salesforce data and it looks really good on a TV”

Tina O'DellSalesforce Administratorat Vita Group