Freshdesk dashboards

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Geckoboard connects securely with your Freshdesk account, so you can boost the visibility of live ticket metrics and support goals on an easy-to-understand TV dashboard. This allows you and your team to:

Get the exact metrics you need with powerful filters

Visualizing your core Freshdesk metrics is simple with Geckoboard. You can filter by agent, group, priority, status, custom fields, and more to display the exact metric you need.

Key metrics

  • Ticket volume
  • First Response Time (FRT)
  • Resolution time
  • Unassigned tickets
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • Tickets by category
  • Top ticket solvers
  • And many more...

Choose from beautiful visualizations, like these:

Ticket Volume

Ticket Volume Freshdesk image

First Reply Time

First Reply Time Freshdesk image

Satisfaction Score

Satisfaction Score Freshdesk image