Product updates

Bring 1000s of new data sources onto your dashboard through Zapier

We’re always expanding the range of data sources you can access in Geckoboard, and today we’re excited to add Zapier to the mix. With over 3000 of their own integrations, connecting Zapier to Geckoboard means you can now visualize and share interesting data from almost anywhere. (See the full range of information Zapier can pull here).

How it works

Our Zapier integration is a little different to our other integrations, and starts with an empty dataset you create in Geckoboard. You’ll then need to log in to Zapier (or create an account), and make a zap that pulls data from your chosen source and then sends it to the dataset you created. Your data can then be visualized, filtered, and aggregated in a variety of ways by clicking Datasets in your Geckoboard account.

For more detailed setup instructions, check out our setup guide!