Product updates

Updated Facebook data source

We’ve improved our Facebook data source, making it easier to build and edit widgets, visualize metrics in new ways, and we’ve added support for notifications too.

What’s new?

Live widget previews: You can now preview your Facebook widgets as you’re building them, so you can make sure everything’s looking good before adding them to your dashboard.


Smarter time periods: Facebook data can now be shown for custom time periods, bucketed by day, week, month or year. Most metrics can now also show data for the previous time period, making it easier to compare how performance has changed over time.

Richer visualizations: You can now show more information on a widget by splitting some metrics out by different dimensions, and adding multiple metrics to the same visualization.


Get notified when metrics change: Facebook now supports notifications, so you and your team can get alerted when metrics hit certain thresholds.

Simply add a new Facebook widget to take advantage of these updates. And as ever, let us know what you think!