Product updates

TV Dashboard Layout (beta)

Displaying live dashboards on a TV is the best way to make sure important numbers don’t get missed, and at Geckoboard we want to make that process as quick and effortless as possible for you.

Today we’re releasing a new way of laying out your dashboard that makes it easier to create dashboards that work great on large screens. Our previous column-based layouts allow you to create dashboards for all kinds of devices, but TV Screen dashboards require special design considerations and it can be tricky to get that right.

So if your dashboard is destined for the big screen, then today’s update is for you.

Here’s how it helps:

See the whole picture

TV Dashboards present all your most important metrics on one screen, and now you can see the whole dashboard all the time in your browser, so you always know what it will look like when you get it set up on the big screen. No unwanted gaps or readability problems, ever.

A grid designed for TV

Dragging, dropping and resizing are now quicker and easier thanks to our new snapping grid, making dashboards faster to build with no chance of misalignment. It’s best to focus on a handful of key metrics, but if you do need to fit more metrics, you can toggle to our ‘Dense layout’ option in the ‘Customize Appearance’ panel.

You can try out our TV Dashboard Layout features right now by adding a new dashboard and ensuring the ‘Optimize layout for TV screens’ toggle is switched on. Are you at your dashboard limit but keen to try out this feature? Get in touch – we’ll hook you up with a temporary free dashboard to test it.

This feature is in Public Beta and active development – it’s polished and ready to use, but we’re continuing to improve it, so we’d love to hear your feedback. Did you manage to build your best-ever TV Dashboard? What else would make this feature even better? There are more improvements coming, so watch out for them.

NB: If your dashboard is mostly for viewing on a computer screen or mobile, you can continue to use the column layout, which provides more flexibility for non-TV layouts.