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Our mission

We help businesses achieve their goals by clearly communicating their data. Our TV dashboards display crucial information in a way that’s visible, understandable, and actionable for everyone, to bring out the best in teams.

Working at Geckoboard

Our story

Whilst working for large financial organizations, our CEO Paul was frustrated by the fact that there was a wealth of company data available yet most employees never got to see it. Determined to unlock the power of data for everyone, he founded Geckoboard in 2010. Today we’re based in East London, with a dedicated customer support team spread across the globe, and thousands of customers from Honda to Happy Socks.

Paul Joyce

Our values

Our values are reflected in everything we do at Geckoboard. They not only help us keep our customers happy, but maintain the culture we’re proud of.

We walk the walk

We promote a certain way of working so we make sure we live by it. This means we use our own product, set clear goals and track our progress against them, and encourage teams to own their work.

We’re rigorous with data

We love data and use it to inform decisions wherever we can. Rather than diving straight into something we form a hypothesis and test it. At the same time, we understand the limitations of data and are mindful of potential pitfalls.

We focus on our customers

Everything we do is informed by our customers. We speak to them whenever we can to gain a deeper understanding of their needs, and we create product and content that genuinely serves those needs.

We aim high, but not for perfection

We want to be the best, both as a product and in how we work. But we’d rather spend our time delivering value, than being paralysed by perfection.

We keep things lean

We keep process light and avoid creating documentation for the sake of it. We get feedback early on and iterate, rather than doing long research projects and Big Bang releases.

We get things done

Once we’ve prioritised something, we get it done. We’re proactive. When we spot an opportunity, or we get stuck, we find the right people to help.

We strive to improve

We’re not set in our ways. We’re always trying to improve ourselves and our processes, so we welcome new ideas wherever they come from, and make a conscious effort to learn.

We’re straightforward, yet understanding

We’re candid with each other. If we disagree we say so. We give honest feedback, and are open to receiving it. We make an effort to see both sides and always show each other understanding and respect.

We’re welcoming and supportive to all

As a team, we make the effort to create an inclusive and diverse workplace that we all enjoy working in. From our family-friendly policies, to the warm welcome we give guests and newcomers, we take care of each other.

Our customers

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