How it all began

Once upon a time a man grew increasingly frustrated with the politics around data. Where it was, how it was used, and more than anything: who had access to it.

In protest, he left his corporate career to find a solution. And by find, we mean build. The solution? A dashboard that could pull in all the right numbers and put them in front of the people who needed them.

A dashboard that had the potential to become the core engine of any business, drive the work and steer people in the right direction.

The man started to hack things together in his house in the suburbs, and quickly realised there was a roaring demand for what he was doing.

That man was Paul Joyce, Founder and CEO of Geckoboard. Paul doesn’t like being on camera, but we think what he has to say is pretty important. Because at the end of the day, it’s why we’re all here trying to make things better. Data by data.

Read Paul's post about humanizing the way data is communicated.

The data lovers

We're a hard-working and good-hearted bunch that just happens to go a bit cuckoo over data. Because we think it's cool.

Meet the team

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