Fundraising Dashboard Example

What is a fundraising dashboard?

A fundraising dashboard is used by an organization who is working towards a specific fundraising goal. Often, this would be a charity or NGO who is raising funds via charitable donations. However, they are used by all types of fundraisers, such as new businesses raising equity, political campaigns or crowdfunding initiatives.

  1. Charity fundraising dashboard

    This dashboard is used by a charity as part of a fundraising campaign. Their goal is to reach $6m in donations, which they are achieving through a combination of public fundraising (via online donations and phone donations), physical fundraising drives and corporate sponsorship. The dashboard breaks down the KPIs according to each channel, as well as providing some health metrics on the effectiveness of each channel. We can see that corporate partners are performing above expected, whereas the physical events are performing less well than expected.

    It’s likely this dashboard would be displayed live on a TV in spaces where the fundraising team are working, as a way of motivating team members and boosting morale.

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