PagerDuty dashboards

* Contains sample data

Geckoboard connects easily and securely with your PagerDuty account, letting you share key metrics for your team on a clear and prominent TV dashboard.

  • See at a glance who on the team is on-call
  • Ensure everyone is aware of any incidents and alerts that have been triggered recently
  • Combine with metrics and useful information from other services to pinpoint and fix issues quickly

Get the exact metrics you need with powerful filters

Geckoboard supports key metrics from PagerDuty including:

Key metrics

  • Incident Counts for a given period of time
  • Recent Alert/Incident Lists
  • Current person(s) On-Call on a schedule

Choose from beautiful visualizations, like these:

On Call

On Call PagerDuty image

Recent Incidents

Recent Incidents PagerDuty image


Incidents PagerDuty image